Let’s face it: Business travel can be a big hassle, especially when you’re responsible for managing it for your company and making sure your colleagues’ trips go smoothly while juggling a blur of other day-to-day responsibilities. Of course, the web offers a wealth of information, but sorting through all the travel sites, travel management companies, blogs, and apps is a tedious and seemingly endless journey in itself.

You need to simplify the business travel process and ground yourself in dependable guidance and support, while also showing that you’re a capable and savvy travel manager. Figuring out how to save time and money for your company is your job, after all. But for any business trip to be successful, it has to be well planned and prepped for the unexpected.

Business Travel from the Ground Up

If you’re a one-person travel management company (as travel managers and coordinators tend to be at small companies), you need the right tools to build a successful travel program. Your credibility as a travel manager will go far when you can show your bosses and managers that you’ve mastered the art of business travel–and have eliminated the typical turbulence involved in booking the best arrangements at the best price.

Clearing the runway for a positive business travel experience and navigating the contingencies can be a daunting business challenge. High prices, confusing choices, tight budgets, delayed or cancelled flights, lackluster customer service, shifting itineraries—business travel is full of downsides. But now there’s Upside, the first online travel service created exclusively for business travel managers and coordinators.

Taking Upside to the Next Level

Upside’s reputation is taking off as the go-to business travel site that saves companies money with combined pricing on flights, hotel accommodations, and rental cars. We make it simple for business travelers to book cost-effective travel packages and score special unadvertised deals. In addition, you and your travelers can earn gift card rewards to over 60 top brands each time you book a package.

Upside is loaded with extra perks and rewards for small to mid-sized businesses, and it’s all free for travel management professionals like you.

Five Reasons Upside Is a Business Traveler Manager’s Best Friend


With a dedicated, 24/7 line to your own customer service experts, you can easily book trips and make last-minute itinerary changes anytime you need to. Our Navigators will be at your service day and night by phone, email, or in-app messaging. They’re committed to resolving any travel question or issue you may have. This unprecedented level of customer service provides peace of mind when you’re booking travel for multiple employees.


Our package pricing for flights, hotels, and ground transportation saves your company at least 5-10% off regularly advertised rates. We partner with major airlines and hotel chains to bring you exclusive, unadvertised package deals reserved for business travel managers like you and the travelers you serve.


When you book flights and hotel together for a single price, you score a gift card reward to popular retailers like Amazon.com. You can also choose to apply the gift card amount directly to a trip for bigger savings.


Every month, you’ll get a detailed report that shows you how much value you’re getting out of Upside. You’ll get an at-a-glance look at your travelers’ total trips, costs, savings, and gift card rewards — all in one convenient report for complete transparency into your company’s travel with Upside. Not to mention, you can view company purchases in real-time via our admin dashboard.


With our exclusive trip pricing, gift card rewards, unparalleled, round-the-clock customer service, and monthly all-in-one reporting, you get much more than the competition.

Leave the stress and worry of planning, booking, and managing business travel behind. Find out why more and more business travel managers are turning to Upside to make planning employee business trips a smoother, more rewarding experience. See for yourself, and we’re sure you’ll agree that Upside is far and away the best business travel management program available.

To take advantage of all that Upside has to offer, visit Upside to learn how you can enroll your company for free today.


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