The entrepreneurial and innovation community in Iowa and the Midwest have come together for EntreFEST for more than a decade. No matter one’s level, role, industry, or specialty, EntreFEST celebrates all professionals and teams who come together to drive their careers forward.

While the current pandemic has called for all live events to make major adjustments, EntreFEST’s two-day conference is still set to happen on June 4-5, 2020.

Instead of being held in Cedar Rapids, this year’s event will be hosted virtually in a live online format.

EntreFEST won’t be like just any other webinar. The now-virtual EntreFEST will offer speaker sessions, networking, concerts, and all sorts of other activities, so you can still connect with other attendees even if not physically in the same space.

Hear Speakers From Diverse Industries

On Thursday, June 4, our CEO and Co-founder Scott Case’s keynote will be transformed into a virtual “Ask Me Anything” open to all entrepreneurs and leaders navigating the crisis chaos of today. No question is off the table, and every question will be answered.

Ask Scott your questions here, and join him on June 4th at 11:45AM CT/12:45PM EDT to talk through shared pain points, experiences, and action steps.

Noteworthy EntreFEST speakers include keynotes from Arlan Hamilton, Mixtroz, and Aaron Proietti. Make sure to check out the other awesome speakers and connect with everyone on LinkedIn.

Register for EntreFEST Tickets

EntreFEST announced tickets will now be $199. With your ticket, you will receive recordings of all sessions. Buy your EntreFEST tickets so you can make the most of a platform that promotes ways to share ideas and collaborate with others in the entrepreneurial community.

Submit Questions to be Answered Live

If you’re a leader who is in the crisis chaos of COVID-19 and wrestling with the recession to come, submit your question to hear Scott’s take live on the EntreFEST virtual stage.


About Scott Case

As the founding CTO of, current CEO and Co-founder of, and CEO for half a dozen startups over the past 25 years, Scott Case believes that deciding to start a company is the easy part. Sustaining and growing a business is the real challenge that keeps even the most successful entrepreneurs up at night. Scott’s advice? Be resilient.

Scott credits his own early-career mentors for teaching him about the principles of resiliency and what it takes to win big when building a startup.

Now, he’s paying it forward by sharing the lessons he’s learned along the way so that others may learn from his mistakes. “You’re going to make a bunch of mistakes when starting a business,” says Scott. “That’s how we learn and the key is how you respond that will set you apart.”

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