EverString streamlines sales growth for B2B marketers with a suite of customer intelligence tools that move prospects through your pipelines. You can use this software to make smarter business decisions, score and nurture leads, prospect sales, prioritize high-value leads, and much more. But is it worth your time and money? Or are there better sales tools out there?

Here’s everything you wanted to know about this SaaS marketing automation platform. 

What is EverString?

It’s a piece of marketing automation software that provides you with insights into prospective customers so you can identify high-value leads and maximize profits. You can do all of this without the need of an administrator.

Marketers need to leverage a wide range of data and access it from a central database. This platform takes the place of several pieces of software by automating many of the processes associated with account-based marketing and allows marketers to access lead generation and scoring data from one place, making it great for remote work.

Why it Exists

The EverString sales tool exists to simplify the often-complicated tasks marketers face every day. It does this by automating processes such as sales prospecting and demand generation. With its analytics features, users can generate real-time information about prospects at various touch points in their sales and marketing funnels. This results in more accurate data.

How to Use EverString

The EverString marketing platform lets you find prospects quickly. It does this by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) so you can locate high-value targets interested in your products and services. You can use these prospects to boost sales and maximize revenue.

Unlike some other marketing automation solutions, EverString’s lead scoring tools provide you with prospects who are thinking about or looking to make a purchase. Proprietary filters and lead identification tools ensure that you only receive high-value leads that you can turn into customers. You will be able to nurture these leads and move them through your marketing funnels.

You can integrate this software with various other customer management and sales tools to maximize your marketing even further. These tools include Salesforce, Oracle Eloqua, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot.

What to Love About EverString

Even if you’ve never used a marketing automation platform before, you can navigate the software’s intuitive user interface with ease.

This tool also scores points when it comes to speed-to-implementation. Your marketing team could be using this software in as little as a week. This isn’t always the case with marketing automation tools.

Plus, you can access unlimited contacts on all three of the pricing models (more about that later).

EverString WordPress plugin

You don’t just have to use EverString as software. You can install a WordPress plugin and optimize your webpages as you make them. EverString will provide you with customer insights as you create your pages from scratch. This way, your site will be fully optimized before launch. You will need to use a third-party integration tool like Tray.io to make this happen.

What They Could Improve On

One thing’s for sure: This software doesn’t come cheap, and this might put off some smaller companies interested in marketing automation. The Lite pricing model ($820 per month for unlimited contacts) is affordable for most businesses who are serious about prospecting, but the Standard and Premium models ($3,300 and $6,600 per month, respectively) are pricier than other marketing automation tools out there. Still, you can access advanced account intelligence and predictive modeling features that you won’t find with cheaper alternatives.

Perhaps a fourth pricing model, sitting somewhere between Lite and Standard, would lure more small to medium-sized businesses.

EverString Alternatives

There are various other account-based marketing solutions on the market. Marketo currently dominates the market in terms of its user base, but we think it has a heavy interface, making it a better fit for more advanced marketers.

DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo are two other alternatives. Both offer loads of sales intelligence and marketing automation tools.

Even though ZoomInfo works out to be cheaper than EverString, you can’t access unlimited contacts (ZoomInfo costs $4,900 per year for around 5,000 contacts).

DiscoverOrg charges users on a case-by-case basis, so it’s difficult to make a comparison in this EverString review. However, it’s a good choice for marketers who want to generate fresh leads.

Final Verdict

EverString.com is a sales intelligence and marketing automation tool makes lead nurturing and scoring easy. Use it to automate your marketing processes and turn more leads into customers. This platform might not come cheap if you want to use all of its features, but it’s one of the most effective ways to prioritize lucrative prospects — something money just can’t buy.

EverString Reviews

Currently, this software holds a 4.8/5 rating on FitSmallBusiness.com, where one user says: “EverString offers a comprehensive platform with a strong technology footprint as an account based marketing strategy platform.”

Over at G2, the program holds a 4/5 rating. One acting manager of a large marketing and advertising company posted: “From a functional perspective, the interface is intuitive, responsive and allows users to get to the end of their task/job quickly.”

Mariza Melendez, Strategic Marketing Manager at Lever, says on Twitter that the software makes it “easier to identify new prospects that are similar to closed customers.”

Are you considering using EverString? Have you used this software before? Let us know in the comments section below.

Still not sure? You can request a demo to see if EverString is the right option for you and your team.

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