As an entrepreneur, you never know when the opportunity will arise to pitch your company. You need a pitch that persuades, excites, inspires and motivates an investor. A pitch that tells a story and balances business and emotional needs.

How can you make your sales pitch the best it can be?

Chief Coach of The Demo CoachNathan Gold, joined Scott Case as a co-host on Founders Focus to help other leaders nail their pitches.

Check out these five founders perfecting their pitches live.


“Luna is an accelerator for female entrepreneurs… we used to be an in person program and now we’ve pivoted to launch our 2020 accelerator online. Which is a little scary, but exciting because it opens up the program to women all over the country.”

Kim Cayce, CEO at Luna Startup Labs


“The last startup that we operated was Amazon’s first AI related acquisition, and we’re in it again… Our vision is to do what Steve Jobs did for personal computing… We want to democratize access to AI based computing.”

Igor Jablokov, CEO at Pyron


“We bring [companies] true voice to their marketing, education and internal communications. Which are all areas that have become super important in the last six weeks”

Griffin Caprio, Co-founder and CEO at Dante32


“The same way you get rewards, perks, discounts and points for your credit card… we’re making sure people who pay rent can get those same benefits. We make rent more rewarding and give renters another reason to pay on time.”

Clara Chow, CPO at Piñata


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