As an entrepreneur, you never know when the opportunity will arise to pitch your company. Your workout partner might turn out to be the exact type of person you’ve been trying to sell to. That interesting conversation in the checkout line—or perhaps group Zoom video call—could end up being a big deal investor.

The opportunities are everywhere, but we can’t always control when they make an appearance. Which is why you always need to be prepared to pitch.

Chief Coach of The Demo Coach, Nathan Gold, joined Scott Case as a co-host on Founders Focus to help other leaders nail their pitches.

Check out these six founders perfecting their pitches live.


“Coopera is a consulting and analytics company that helps credit unions with outreach to the Hispanic market, especially Spanish preferring Hispanics… it’s a population that is growing very fast but is misunderstood as a market… because we don’t all come from the same background.”

Victor Corro, CEO at Coopera Consulting


“We provide a range of services: inbound and outbound calling, customer service, billing, collections… Our primary USP is delivering an American worker at a price point you can’t touch.”

Steve Feuerbacher, Founder and CEO at Grayshoring Technologies


“[I’m] working with a small company in Charlotte, NC called Empowerment and was able to pivot their monthly leadership academies to a virtual forum for high school girls… to give them an opportunity to be exposed to technology.”

Rashaan Peek, Founder at Your Girl Inc.


“Octopus is an interactive advertising platform inside of rideshare vehicles… Because we get [the passengers] attention and have the vehicle location, we deliver location-based video ads to A. captive audiences and B. engaged audiences.”

Cherian Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of Octopus


“Valencia Travel Company is based in Valencia, Spain… it’s an inbound tour operator and we are also operating our own tools for our customers.”

Matej Keka, Founder at Valencia Travel Company


“We provide holistic and therapeutic wellness and we customize our treatments based on the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of existing progressive care at an affordable rate.”

Kristina Trice, Owner at MassageMeKt


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