Now that you soared through company account setup, it’s time to discover how easy it is for you to have the control and visibility you’re looking for. From one-click checkout to a breakdown of all company purchases, you’re equipped with what you need to make your job more efficient.

Accessing Travelers’ Trip Details

Managing travel requests is easy as pie when you can access a traveler’s trip details.

Here’s where you can:
1. Check reservation details
2. Email an itinerary
3. Cancel a trip
4. View purchase details

Reviewing Purchase Details

Expediting the time you and your travelers spend expensing trips is effortless when everything’s connected to one receipt.

This is where both admins and travelers can:
1. View a purchase breakdown
2. Download itemized receipts

Checking Out on

Checking out takes seconds when you have everything you need at the click of your mouse.

Here’s where you can:
1. Apply a saved traveler’s profile in one click
2. Charge to a saved credit card or save a new payment option
3. Review payment and ticketing information

Finishing Checkout on

Confirming you’ve booked everything needed for a successful business trip is super simple.

Here’s where you’ll find:
1. A booking number for any support requests
2. A full breakdown of all reservations booked within a trip
3. Traveler details

Reviewing Company Purchases

Finding past, present, and upcoming trips is effortless from the Purchases tab.

Here’s where admins can:
1. Find all company-wide trips
2. Review the specific details of a past, present, or upcoming trip
3. Cancel, change, or modify upcoming trips

Reviewing Your Trips on

Navigating to your trips should be easy. That’s why all travelers have their own My Trips section in their profile.

This is where you can:
1. Review all your past, present, and upcoming trips
2. Cancel, change, or modify your upcoming trips
3. Access itemized receipts for your past purchases

Any questions or ideas?

We’re always looking for feedback to make Upside even better, so let us know in the comments (or email your dedicated account manager) what features you’d like brought to life.

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