ServiceNow is the forerunner in Platform-as-a-Service solution offerings, and it continues to grow every year. It’s proven its capability to not only transform the IT industry but enterprise as a whole — ServiceNow certification has actually become a strategy for today’s leading CIOs. With the many benefits offered by ServiceNow, it’s not surprising that the service is so popular.

Wondering if it’s the ideal solution for your team?

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow’s various offerings are the perfect service model — what services do you run within your business processes? ServiceNow allows your tech team to find the root causes of any service issue.

Self-service is the name of the game. But ServiceNow is not a software — every task, activity, and process occurs in the cloud. It’s a managed and comprehensive workflow solution. It supports communication in real-time, offers collaborative functionalities, and allows resources to be shared. While the service began as an IT service management solution, it’s branched out with offerings in the HR, security, development, and customer service fields, just to name a few. And there’s even a ServiceNow app store now for integrating third-party tools.

Why ServiceNow Exists

ServiceNow wasn’t always the PaaS solution it is now — it actually began as a SaaS that catered to IT service management. Today, their cloud model allows all of an enterprise’s processes to be managed under a single system. So, if you need infrastructure to perform such functions as data collection, storage, or application development – and all from the same platform – ServiceNow could be just what you’re looking for. Although it doesn’t provide in-house, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) deployment models, ServiceNow can be integrated with Microsoft’s Azure, which is an IaaS.

ServiceNow exists for companies that require configuration management databases and services mapping, which powers their service-aware apps. Having powerful services mapping illustrates to an organization right where their dependencies lie amongst their assets, leading to ultra-visibility into their business’ environment.

How to Use ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a lot of things wrapped up into one neat package. It’s flexible, but it’s also powerfully designed. It allows your enterprise service domain to define the services, provides an exceptionally intuitive experience, assures services availability, and analyzes critical metrics.

In addition to application development, you’ll also find service management for field, finance, human resources and IT fields, not to mention security operations that enable the best prevention in enterprise.

What to Love About ServiceNow

Most of the problems faced by organizations are sometimes due to issues with IT. Although this isn’t always the case, any tickets usually have to pass through the IT department to be resolved. The way in which your team reports, tracks, manages, and resolves these IT tickets can literally make or break your workflow. When that happens, productivity is all but lost.

For example, say your HR team, which already deals with multiple requests and employee questions each day, has to stop what they’re doing to address IT concerns. It used to be that these issues had certain department-specific systems — in other words, one system for software access, and another to request assistance with hardware issues. Having to access multiple systems created a host of problems, such as low productivity and negative experiences on top of all the day-to-day issues that arise. ServiceNow’s streamlined capabilities have made these yesterday’s problems.

What ServiceNow Could Improve On

As with any perfect solution, certain aspects won’t be perfect for every application. The one thing across the board that most people agree on is that ServiceNow’s reporting capabilities leave a little to be desired. Some of ServiceNow’s aspects that users find have peculiarities include dates, data groups, calculated fields, report parameters, and other complex reporting procedures.

For example, say you’ve had a Priority-1 incident. You want to know the chances of its being resolved within an hour. You want to run a report that illustrates the average time it takes for responses to Priority-1 incidents and the time it takes to resolution. Without having a professional assist you, or an entirely external reporting system, ServiceNow can be a bit complex.

Also, it can be easy to bog down the system if you’re attempting to run too many top heavy reports at the same time.

ServiceNow Alternatives

Sometimes, a certain platform might not have what you need, or might have much more than you need. If you’re looking for ServiceNow alternatives, Freshservice is a customer service platform for IT admins that allows the effective tracking and managing of organizational assets. Need to keep track of customer information and track leads? Freshservice’s easy-to-navigate portal allows you to do this and much more. is an award-winning hub for project collaboration — in fact, it won the award for Best Productivity App — 2019 Webby. Do you have several departments working on one large project? Any changes are discoverable in real-time and each team member can see who made each change and when.

Both of these services have ranked highly for user satisfaction.

Considering ServiceNow

if you want to streamline your business processes so that operations are smooth sailing, ServiceNow could be just what you need. Don’t feel like your business is large enough to warrant an onsite server? Is your company so large that just one server won’t cut it? This is where ServiceNow’s cloud functionality saves the day. 

Depending on the size, functions, and overall scalability of your organization, finding a fantastic service solution that fits your expectations and your budget can be challenging. As you investigate ServiceNow, pay close attention to what it offers versus what you’ll need in areas such as functionality, level of customer support, and mobile device and integration abilities.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll find just the right solution that contains every element you need at a price that works for you.

Are you exploring ServiceNow as an option for your company? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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