We are now two months into this pandemic and we are starting to realize culture matters more than ever. Best-selling author Joe Mechlinski has stories from his past and ideas on how to overcome doubts and reconnect with your passions.

  • What are actionable strategies to better lead your company?
  • How can you transform your workplace for the better? 
  • How can the three brains in the human body – head, heart, and gut – help reengage the workforce?

On Tuesday, June 2 at 1:10 pm New York Times best selling author Joe Mechlinski joined Scott on Founders Focus. Learn actionable strategies and tools to help you lead more effectively.

If you’re a founder looking for ways to keep your employees engaged, connected and productive, this is the Founders Focus for you.

Take a look at some questions we addressed:

  1. When discussing leadership strategies, what still applies and where do we need to adapt?
  2. How did you develop the guide “Leading through Crisis?” How has it been applied?
  3. What are the 4 ‘H’ principles you believe every leader should practice?
  4. What should founders be focused on in a post-pandemic world?
  5. What are the two or three things that will separate the businesses that fail, the business that survive and the ones that will thrive?

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