You enrolled your team in Upside and are now one step closer to getting more time back in your day. Once you get a sense of what you can do via your admin dashboard, you’ll be be all set to start managing your team’s business travel in a more streamlined, efficient way.

Getting Started

As an account admin, is your new HQ for all things company travel.

Once you’re logged in, you can:
1. Book trips for you and others
2. Review team purchases
3. Manage your trips
4. Setup your company account

Setting Up Your Company Account

To make booking and checkout extra easy, every user has a Traveler Profile connected to their account.

Here you can save your:
1. Contact information
2. Flight preferences
3. Loyalty program numbers

Inviting Your Travelers

Exclusive to company admins, the Travelers tab makes it easier than ever to keep your team’s travel organized.

Here’s where you can:
1. Invite new travelers
2. Review invite status
3. Review traveler permissions

Updating Traveler Profiles

Taking control is a breeze when travelers approve administrative access in their Traveler Profile. Because when they do, you can access their Traveler Profile from your Travelers tab to:
1. Set permissions by role type
2. Remove a traveler from your company
3. See a full list of purchases

Getting Help on

Coordinating travel for your team is no small feat. We make it easy to get free, expert, human support 24/7 no matter where you are.

You can always:
1. Chat a Navigator directly from or the Upside app
2. Call a Navigator at (855) 252-2151
3. Email a Navigator at [email protected]

Arming Your Travelers With the App

Keeping you and your travelers in sync ensures a successful business trip for everyone.

With the Upside app, you get:
1. 24/7 Navigator support.
2. Real-time trip alerts
3. Starbucks credit on every trip
4. Easy access to itineraries
5. Mobile expense integration
6. Ability to book change, or cancel a trip on the fly

All good so far? Read “Mastering Upside Travel Management Like a Pro” to learn how to get even more out of your Upside experience.

Haven’t signed your company up for Upside yet? Visit to learn why you and your team will love using Upside for all things business travel.

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