Social media has become one of the most important tools for companies that want to build and maintain relationships with customers and partners. Managing multiple social media accounts, however, takes a lot of time and planning.

SproutSocial simplifies the process while providing useful reports about campaign success.

What is SproutSocial?

SproutSocial is a tool designed to help companies plan and optimize social media projects.

The SproutSocial platform has features dedicated to analytics that provide insights into the effectiveness of social media posts and campaigns, improving social media engagement between brands and consumers, publishing powerful content across social media platforms at the right moment to affect consumers and listening to social media users to learn more about what they think, feel, and want.

Why SproutSocial Exists

According to SproutSocial’s 2017 research, 71% of consumers would purchase a brand’s product or service after a positive social media interaction. Similarly, 23% of consumers would boycott brands after negative interactions.

Social media has created a new way for companies to communicate and forge relationships with consumers. As of mid-2019, Facebook had 2.41 billion monthly active users, Twitter had 330 million monthly active users, and Instagram had more than a billion monthly active users.

Since social media has the power to influence so many people, today’s brands cannot afford to ignore it. Platforms like SproutSocial make it easier for companies to plan and execute effective marketing campaigns that build trust and credibility.

How to Use SproutSocial

Once you have access to SproutSocial, you can connect five to 10 social media profiles, depending on the plan you choose. Everyone on your team instantly gains access to a unified dashboard that makes it simple to produce content, schedule publication times, and find engagement reports.

SproutSocial hosts an Intro to Sprout Free Webinar about once per week, and there’s even the option to participate in a Q&A session after the webinar. The 45-minute presentation offers a detailed understanding of how SproutSocial’s tool can improve your approach to social media marketing.

What to Love About SproutSocial

SproutSocial has several standout features that make it an attractive social media management tool. Some of the things to love most include the software’s clear pricing for Standard, Professional, and Advanced plans, social inbox that makes it simple for team members and clients to collaborate, content tagging for incoming and outgoing messages, and calendar that makes it easy for users to schedule social media posts.

What SproutSocial Could Improve

Some people online have voiced improvements they’d like SproutSocial to consider. For example, it could be beneficial for SproutSocial to offer more options for entry-level users, more training opportunities for users for users that don’t have much experience with generating reports and building in-depth consumer profiles, and an updated mobile app that’s more intuitive for on-the-go-users.

SproutSocial Alternatives

If SproutSocial doesn’t seem like the right tool for your social media marketing team, then you may want to explore some of the following alternatives.

  1. Social Report, which has similar features with a lower price per user.
  2. Hootsuite, a major SproutSocial competitor with a user interface that some members prefer.
  3. Buffer, which doesn’t offer as many listening and analytical features, but has a much lower price.
  4. Socialbakers, a social media dashboard that lets you choose low-cost essential features or a full-suite platform that has comparable tools to those from SproutSocial.

Final Thoughts About Choosing SproutSocial for Your Business

Most businesses will find that SproutSocial has the tools that they need to improve their social media outreach. It’s not the perfect match for every company, though.

Before you pay for SproutSocial, try the free trial and read independent reviews.

You can find more SproutSocial reviews at: – “SproutSocial is a full-service social media management tool, and has the best mix of social media management and analytics to meet the needs of most small to midsize businesses.” – Gadjo C Sevilla and Rob Marvin, editors at

TrustRadius – “[SproutSocial] is an awesome tool that enables your business to thoughtfully schedule posts for all platforms, monitor comments, collaborate with others on your team with a really solid editorial calendar.” – Sylvia Flores, Chief Creative Officer and Founder at Bad Agency

GetApp – “Great user interface (I like it better than Hootsuite’s interface). Customer service is superb!” – Jessi Hardy, Professional Training and Coaching

Have you used SproutSocial to manage a brand’s social media presence? What pros and cons do you see in using the software? Let us know what you think on social media–we’d love to connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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