In a world where you can easily access the products and services of companies around the world, one of the most important differentiators is customer service. From established corporations to growing companies, having good customer service is a crucial asset. Most companies know this, but it can be difficult to monitor something as abstract as customer service.

Luckily, there are companies devoted to solving this issue. Stella Connect is one of those leading the charge in measuring customer satisfaction while offering actionable advice.

What is Stella Connect?

Stella Connect is a customer feedback platform that streamlines quality management. Designed with customer service teams in mind, it supports quality assurance programs. The Stella Connect platform automatically triggers feedback surveys to customers and supports a variety of communication channels. The combination results in high response rates and valuable metrics.

How is Stella Connect Used?

Companies use Stella Connect to send out feedback surveys to customers after they have used the site or contacted customer service. These questionnaires are sent out automatically and are not dependent on the communication channel the customer used. From email to chat, text message to phone calls, every interaction is an opportunity for feedback — and that’s just the beginning.

From there, Stella Connect gives agents a chance to make it right when something goes wrong and lets them see how they are doing via performance leaderboards. Through this program, agents become aware of their performance in a tangible way. Stella Connect is gamification at its finest and most encouraging.

The quality assurance information is also sent to managers so they can see which who could use some positive reinforcement for a job well done and which agents may need additional coaching— and this happens in real time. Leadership is transparent and collaborative.

Why Does Stella Connect Exist?

Stella Connect exists to improve customer service agent effectiveness and attrition. It does this by helping companies collect data on customer satisfaction via automatically-triggered feedback surveys. That information can be used to motivate customer service agents with rewards or recognition, ultimately improving agent attrition. Instant feedback makes it easy to offer coaching when necessary too. 

Plus, Stella Connect collects the good reviews as well as bad ones so companies know when something has gone wrong and they can take immediate steps to fix it. This tends to drive repeat purchases and boost sales overall. Client companies also receive performance metrics that they can use to better scale their operations.

What To Love About Stella Connect

This platform is a powerful tool. It offers real-time feedback that companies can use to improve their customer service abilities. Here are some of the top reasons to love Stella Connect: 

Automatic Surveys

One big reason to love Stella Connect is that it generates customer feedback surveys automatically and sends them out to the customer in the format they had used to contact the company. It is seamless and can be immediate.

Multiple Communication Channels

Stella Connect works on a variety of different communication channels so the collected information is not limited by one way of contact or another.

Real-time Feedback

The real-time feedback Stella Connect provides makes it easy for supervisors to see how agents are performing. They can address issues, offer kudos, or offer coaching as needed.

Analysis and Insights

Further, Stella Connect’s platform provides insights based on the performance of each channel as well as the team as a whole across mediums. Access to CSAT scores and associated feedback can be a major win for agents looking to improve their own performance.

What Stella Connect Could Improve

Stella Connect is a great customer feedback platform, but it may not work well for everyone. Here are some aspects to consider:

Customize the Frequency of Surveys

Stella Connect automatically sends out surveys, but it doesn’t send them out to every customer. Some users have suggested that they would like the ability to customize the frequency of feedback surveys.

Practical Difficulties Generating Reports

There are Stella Connect users who have expressed that they had difficulties using the system. The ability to customize reports was mentioned in several reviews although others said that they were happy with the reports they could generate.

Pricing May Be Too High for Small Companies

The Stella Connect platform is a robust product. Its price tag may be too high for smaller companies or startups. You will have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to make that decision for your company.

Check Out Stella Connect Reviews

Stella Connect is a popular customer feedback platform for very real reasons. Check out some of the things that people are saying about Stella Connect.


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Featured Customer Testimonials

For case studies and customer testimonials about Stella Connect, take a look at Featured Customers. You’ll also find customer videos about the platform.

You can also read some case studies on the Stella Connect website. Some of its clients include Williams-Sonoma, Jet, Birchbox, Postmates, and Upside Business Travel (that’s us!).

Try Stella Connect

If you want to try Stella Connect, request a free demo here. This way, you can see for yourself whether the customer feedback platform works well for your company’s needs. Test out how well it integrates in your systems and evaluate whether Stella Connect is worth the price tag for your company.

Have you used Stella Connect? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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