Our Favorite Customer Thank You’s of 2017 … and a Big, Sincere “Thank You” in Return!

It’s no secret that we love our customers. We love ’em so much that we’ll do just about anything to make sure their journey from A to B is as cozy as can be! Our customers truly appreciate what we do to make their business travel better. In fact, they go out of their way to tell us.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, now is the perfect time to share our own appreciation by saying “thank you” for choosing us. Here are some of the best customer testimonials we’ve received over the past year:

“As a frequent business traveler, I cannot think of a site which rewards its customers more comprehensively." -- Pradipta C.

"I booked my trip to Vegas with Upside.com, and got a personalized letter from its Pres. Y'all should get on this." -- Sylvia K., Texas

“The process was simple, and when I compared, the prices were about 12% less than the same hotel and flight on another well-known discount bundle travel site.” -- Doug D., Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for the hand written note and stickers I got in the mail … That was an old-fashioned, super gesture of appreciation. I’m rooting for you guys, and I must say, I love Upside.” -- Victor C.

“This site really is legit. I've used for the last two business trips and saved a couple hundred bucks off normal prices both times. I know because I take the same flight and stay at the same hotel so I know the normal "discount" rates … Give it a shot!” -- Patrick L.

“It’s much cheaper than any other options I’ve used in the past to book business travel.” -- Ross K., Virginia

"Amazing site, such a great saving for non profits, thanks for all your help, will recommend to everyone." -- Christine R., New Hampshire

"I booked my flight and hotel to Vegas for ridiculously cheap … Pretty awesome." -- Scott B., Oklahoma

It’s this kind of feedback that puts a smile on our face! When you book your business travel through Upside, you become part of the family.