How Customer Service Can Be a Major Upside for You

Your work days are busy enough without adding the complexities of business travel to the mix. From researching the best deals, to booking flights and hotel accommodations, to troubleshooting delays and cancellations, business travel can send your stress level soaring, especially when you’re doing it all on your own.

For anyone facing the constant challenges of business travel, good customer service from a leading-edge business travel provider or platform can be welcome port in the storm. It can mean the difference between wanting to take flight from your business travel responsibilities to enjoying a stress-free and productive trip. Bottom line: The higher the level of customer service, the easier your business trip will be.

The rise of digital technology has ushered in unprecedented advances in customer service, which you can leverage to make your life easier and your business trips more cost-effective. Online platforms and mobile apps can put business travel solutions at your fingertips and simplify a process that is often cumbersome and frustrating for inexperienced travelers. With a click or a tap, you can access the support and guidance you need to ensure your trip runs smoothly.

Customer Service at the Speed of You

The dizzying pace of your day-to-day work life makes on-the-go business travel information especially appealing. According to our recent study, fifty-two percent of business travelers surveyed across generational groups consider real-time flight information the most useful feature of a business travel app.

Digital technology not only streamlines the booking process, it also expands the range of travel options available to you. Survey participants consider the ability to easily change flights and reservations one of the most useful features of a business travel app.

In today’s digitally-driven travel environment, it’s reasonable to expect a higher level of ease, convenience, and service than ever. Whatever your needs and preferences, you should be able to count on customer service that goes above and beyond to ensure planning and managing your business trip goes from stressful to successful.

Tech With a Personal Touch

While digital technology offers many upsides, it can seem impersonal. 24/7 access to live customer support and the ability to interact with a business travel specialist at any time is a huge advantage that could put you at ease and relieve you of the guesswork from planning and booking business trips. At Upside, we personalize your business travel experience to give you the best of both worlds: leading-edge, real-time digital data for the best travel options possible and always-on from our Navigators for the best trip possible. We’re here to help you any way we can.

Just reach out to our team of customer service representatives at [email protected], by phone at 855-252-2151, or via chat on

4 Reasons Why Upside’s 24/7 Concierge-Level Service Makes Your Business Trip Better

1. You save time and money

No wasted hours spent scouring the web, sending emails, and making calls in a frustrating quest to find the best business travel options. Upside does the work for you in seconds, instantly parsing big data to uncover the lowest prices and the flight times, hotel location, rental car, or rideshare that aligns with your needs and preferences. What’s more, when you bundle your travel as a package, you pay less than anywhere else on the Internet.

2. You get your own personal business travel guide

Our 24/7 customer support ensures that you’re never on your own when you travel. Just use the Upside app to have the Navigators instantly accessible at any time, day or night, by voice, chat, email, or in-app message. In fact, they’ll be with you every step of the way, actively and proactively involved in your business travel experience, ensuring that every contingency is covered and preventing problems before they happen. Whether you need to get around inclement weather or reschedule a canceled flight, Navigators will find alternatives, which are sent via push notifications to your mobile device, before you even ask for help.

3. You get rewarded

Upside not only saves your company money; it also rewards you with free gift cards as a bonus for buying a travel package (flight + hotel, flight + ride, hotel + ride), which also allows you to retain the frequent flyer miles you accrue.

In addition, as part of our free 24/7 concierge-level customer service, Upside gives you the opportunity to earn additional dollars in gift cards to your choice of major brand-name retailers.

4. Special perks along the way

We appreciate your business and want to make sure we show our gratitude. So in addition to fast and easy booking, great prices, fantastic service, and access to Navigators who will do everything possible to make your trip better, we have a few nice surprises in store to thank you for choosing us. It’s just another way we go the extra mile to ensure you have the best possible customer experience.

Our commitment to customer service ensures our customers come back regularly. As a result, our customer service ratings have soared. Over 82% of business travelers rated Upside a 9 or 10 out of 10 as a measure of how likely they are to recommend us to a friend or colleague.

Get on board with Upside to ensure above-and-beyond customer service for your next business trip. Visit us at and @UpsideTravel on social media. And as always, feel free to email [email protected] or call us at 855-252-2151 anytime.