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Let’s face it: Business travel can be a big hassle, especially when you’re managing and booking it on your own and you’re already juggling a blur of day-to-day responsibilities. Of course, the web offers a wealth of information, but sorting through all the travel sites, blogs, and apps is a tedious and seemingly endless journey in and of itself.

You need to simplify the business travel process and ground yourself in dependable guidance and support while also showing that you’re savvy enough to travel intelligently. Figuring out how to save time and money and rack up valuable rewards makes a favorable impression and shows your resourcefulness. For any business trip to be successful, it has to be well planned -- and travelers should be prepared for the unexpected.

Business Travel from the Ground Up

You’re really going places when you can show your company that you’ve mastered the art of business travel and may even be able to teach them a trick or two. Whether your career is just taking off or flying high, knowing the ins and outs of business travel is a powerful professional advantage.

But navigating the complexities of business travel can be one of the biggest business challenges you face. High prices, confusing choices, tight budgets, delayed or cancelled flights, lackluster customer service, shifting itineraries — business travel is full of downsides. But now there’s Upside, the first online travel service created exclusively for business travelers.

Five Reasons Upside is a Business Traveler’s Best Friend

1. Easy

Upside puts all the expertise and support you need to make business travel easier and more cost-effective right at your fingertips. No need to waste hours on a needle-in-the-haystack search for the best travel options. Upside sorts through them all for you in seconds and shows you the best deals on flights and hotel accommodations that suit your needs.

2. Cost-Effective

Just choose the travel options you need for your business trip right from our easy to use dashboard. You can buy your flight or hotel individually or, for the greatest rewards, combine both into a package—even include a rental car or Uber if you need it. We partner with major airlines and hotel chains to bring you exclusive, unadvertised package deals reserved for business travelers. With this combined pricing, you can get even more free gift cards and save your company 5-10% off regular rates.

3. Rewarding

When you book your flights and hotel together for a single price, you earn a gift card reward to popular retailers like Talk about a win-win — your company gets a great deal, and you get a great reward. Best of all, any gift card you earn is in addition to your frequent flyer miles and credit card points.

4. Convenient

The Upside app makes it a breeze to book and manage business travel right from your mobile phone. Just use the Chat feature for instant, 24/7 access to our expert Navigators. They’ll guide you through booking, make changes on the fly, and help ensure every aspect of your business travel experience goes as smoothly as possible. Enable push and notification access on your app to get instant, real-time notifications like check-in reminders, gate changes, delays, or cancellations straight to your mobile device. With the Upside app, you’ll always have the right information at the right time so you can focus on business, and we can focus on everything else.

You can also reach them by phone at 855-252-2151 or email at [email protected]. Even better, our Navigators will reach out to you to prevent problems before they happen. Say there’s bad weather or your flight has been cancelled. They’ll relay suggestions and solutions with in-app messages, so you’ll always be prepared for whatever comes your way.

5. Human

You’re never alone when the Navigators are only a click or a tap away. You’ll get service instantly—no frustrating Round Robin of prompts and recorded messages. At Upside, we understand that business travel can change at a moment’s notice, so we’re available to help at any time, day or night. You’ll always get a live human who’ll deliver the 24/7 concierge-level service you deserve for a less stressful business travel experience every time.

Leave the stress and worry of planning, booking, and managing business travel behind. Find out why more and more business travelers are turning to Upside to make their work trips a smoother, more rewarding experience. Try us once, and we’re sure you’ll agree that Upside is far and away the best travel site for business travelers.