Everything You Need to Know About Redeeming & Earning (More) Gift Cards

Scoring gift cards for booking your business travel (flights, hotel, rental car, and Uber) is just one upside you discover when traveling with Upside Business Travel--here’s the low-down on redeeming your gift cards, and how to maximize your rewards every time you book.

Treat Yourself For A Job Well Done.

Here’s how you can redeem your gift cards on Upside:

On your Upside app:

  1. Login and Tap “Rewards” on the lower right navigation.
  2. Take note of your “Available Balance” on the upper right navigation. (Pro tip: you don’t have to spend your entire balance at one retailer, you can divvy up your balance to get more bang for your buck.)
  3. Tap “Redeem” on the upper left navigation and elect the retailer(s) of your choice. Denote the dollar amount you’d like to claim. Accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking “Redeem!”
  4. Check your inbox for your confirmation email with your gift card redemption code.
  5. Treat yourself to a job well done! Score that new pair of shoes or the latest tech gadget you’ve had your eyes on!

Don’t have the Upside app? Download it today!

2 Easy Ways To Treat Yourself Even MORE.

1. Pick an alternate hotel or flight suggestion presented pre-checkout to weigh your options and get more gift cards.

Travel prices can be all over the place, even for similar options. And, who has unlimited time to shop for the absolute best combination of flights and hotel service for their next business trip?

Upside’s “flexibility engine” scores every possible itinerary and shows you how small changes (like choosing a different hotel or flight option) can lower your costs substantially. And, everytime you select one of our suggestions, you’ll earn gift cards for saving your company money. How’s that possible? Well, airlines and hotels give us special unpublished rates, because the discounts are concealed in the single price.

Prior to checkout, you may be presented with two suggestions of alternate itinerary options that reflect how small changes to your travel plans could mean for greater savings and rewards. For example, would you consider staying at a different hotel than you originally picked if it meant saving money and earning gift cards--without giving up any of the trip criteria that is important to you. You could stay at the same quality hotel that’s maybe a block in the other direction or a different hotel brand, but still meets all of your business travel needs and preferences.

Imagine spending less and earning more on a trip you’re going to end up taking no matter what. Perhaps you’d be willing to take a slightly earlier flight, but not interested in a different hotel option--What aspects of your business trip are you willing to be more flexible with?

2. Referrals: Yes, you really get $25 for every colleague and friend you refer to Upside.

Did you know that you have a unique referral code within your Upside profile?

Sharing your referral code with your business traveling friends and colleagues is a win-win for everyone involved. How so? Not only will you get $25 in gift cards per referral, but the friends you refer will also receive a minimum of $25 deposited in their Upside Gift Card Hub after completing their first business trip with us.

Your friend must be new to Upside and enter your code when booking their first Upside business trip of $600+ before tax. But, since you can refer an unlimited number of road warriors, there’s nothing holding you back from rolling in $100s made from referrals!

You can easily share your code on social media (or email) right from your Upside profile! Feel free to contact us if you need help finding your Upside Profile in your app or on desktop.

Want to start making money with our “Referral Program?” Check out “The Sky’s the Limit on the $$ You Can Earn for Sharing Upside with Your Colleagues!” to learn even more about how to get started.

We’re ready to start saying “You get $25. And you get $25. And you get $25…”

The question is--are you ready? Give it a try, it’s just one way to get even more gift cards!