How To Actually Get Shut-Eye On A Red-Eye

It's just your luck. Your boss wants you at the client site for a meeting first thing in the morning, so you have to book a dreaded red-eye flight for your business travel plans. Here are a few ways you can actually manage to get some shut-eye on your flight, so you don't show up for your client meeting looking like a caffeine drenched zombie.

Don't Worry About Looking Ridiculous

Pride has no place on a red-eye flight. Those travel pillows that look like the dorkiest, most ridiculous products possible might just be your priority pass to comfort. You can't depend on the airline to give you pillows that are suited for your sleep style, especially if you're stuck in economy. Look up the best-reviewed options for your preferred sleeping position (such as side and back), and make sure that you put yourself in a window seat.

Forget About Business Casual

Unless you're in lay flat first class or business class, you're already facing enough discomfort in your upcoming business trip. Don't make it even harder to fall asleep by wearing a full suit for your flight. Enjoy some comfortable clothes that you don't mind sleeping in. You can change into professional attire in the airport bathrooms if you really need to go straight from your flight to an important meeting.

Look Into Sleep Aids

Some people can fall asleep anywhere. Then there's the rest of us, bleary eyed and quite grumpy at the chipper morning people on the red-eye flight. Sleep aids come in many forms, from medicine with antihistamines added to cause drowsiness, to natural supplements such as melatonin. Test your method out before a few days before you're due to fly, so you know that it actually does something.

Research Your Seats Before Choosing Them

The comfort level of your seats varies significantly depending on the airplane that you're flying on. You could end up on a plane with non-reclining seats and nowhere near enough space for your legs, or you can end up in a veritable sky palace of comfort. SeatGuru and similar sites are useful for finding out more about the seat configurations used on your potential flights. You learn about the size and pitch, as well as any trouble spots on the plane. Upside Pro Tip: Call or chat an Upside Navigator to pick the best and most comfortable seat on the plane!

Don't stay up all night on your red-eye flight. Use these tips and get yourself a well-deserved rest before you need to wake up for the rest of your business trip.

Do you have any red-eye shut-eye tips or tricks to share with your fellow business travelers? Share your recommendations in the comments below!