App 101: How to Change and Cancel Trips

At Upside Business Travel, we understand that your plans can change. Now you can easily manage your business trip reservations on the Upside app. Here’s how:

How to cancel a trip

Step 1: From your list of trips, tap on the trip you need to cancel.
Step 2: To cancel all of the reservations in your trip itinerary, open the trip options menu and select ‘Cancel trip.’

How to change a single reservation

Step 1: From your list of trips, tap on the trip containing the reservation(s) you need to change.
Step 2: To change or cancel a single reservation in your trip itinerary, tap on the reservation you wish to change.
Step 3: Open the reservation options menu and select the change you wish to make. (Options may vary by type of reservation.)

If you need help making changes or canceling reservations, our Navigators are always just a chat, call or email away, responding in a minute or less 24/7, 365.

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