#TravelSkills Twitter Chat Roundup: Upside Edition

Did you miss last week’s Upside-sponsored #TravelSkills Twitter Chat? Alongside Chris McGinnis and Johnny Jet, we had the honor of hosting the most highly engaged business travel conversation to take the Twitterverse. Road warriors and frequent flyers came together on November 10th from 12-1PM EST to answer 10 #TravelSkills questions and discuss all things business travel.

If you didn’t get the chance to take part in our lively “Business Travel Hacks” Twitter Chat, there are two important things you should know:

  1. Don’t worry, there’s always next time (which will be sooner than you think).
  2. We’ve assembled this roundup so you can re-read the stimulating conversation, and share your thoughts!

There’s a reason why small business expert, Brian Moran, tweeted that our business travel-focused #TravelSkills was the best info he had read all week.

We think it’s only fair to highlight some of the best answers from the chat in order to spread the wealth of business travel knowledge that was shared throughout the hour-long #TravelSkills Twitter Chat! Whether you want to re-live the chat or are curious about what you may learn, this is your chance to let us know what you think and reignite the business travel conversation.

Q1: Are you a do-it-yourself business traveler, or do you get help booking trips? Why? #TravelSkills

Q2: Best money-saving advice for a novice business traveler? #TravelSkills

It's not always easy finding ways to save time, money, and sanity while traveling for business, but expert travel tips can go a long way to helping navigate your first business trip. Ultimately, the first step towrad a smooth and cost-effective business trip is to make sure you understand your company's travel policy. What words of money-saving wisdom do you have to share with your fellow road warriors?

Q3: Favorite airline or hotel loyalty program? Why? #TravelSkills

Our philosophy is that it's most important for business travelers to find the right points/miles program that best suits their needs and desires. Looking to figure out how you can maximize your business travel rewards? See if you can find inspiration based on what secrets the #TravelSkills community shared:

Q4: Best advice for getting airline, hotel or car rental upgrades? #TravelSkills

Some of the easiest (and most effective) ways to score an upgrade are not what you may expect. Consider trying out some of these biz travel hacks, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised on your next business trip.

Q5: Do you mix business with leisure trips or keep them separate? Discuss! #TravelSkills

If the opportunity for bleisure presents itself, our team believes strongly that there isn't any reason to indulge! It's always awesome when it works out that you can extend your business trip--and reward yourself for all your hard work. This approach definitely seemed to be the general consensus among the road warriors who chimed in for Q5.

Even our President Scott Case and Director of Growth, Craig Zingerline, joined in to share their unique perspectives:

Q6: Which credit card offers the best bang for your business travel buck? Why? #TravelSkills

There may not be one go-to credit card that's best for every business traveler, but there certaintly is a credit card out there that is the right one to accomodate your specific business traveling needs. What's your credit card of choice?

Q7: Do you regularly buy travel insurance? Why or why not? #TravelSkills

To buy travel insurance or not to buy travel insurance? This question is a source of neverending debate within the road warrior community. With so many travel insurance options available, it can be difficult to determine which travel insurance is best for you.

Q8: Best way to spend points/miles earned from business travel? #TravelSkills

In addition to points and miles, there's far more Upside to business travel than you may even realize...

Q9: Favorite business hotel? What makes it ideal for the biz traveler? #TravelSkills

Our team of frequent flyers understand the importance of finding the perfect hotel--it can make or break your business trip.

Q10: What blogs, sites or social media handles do you follow for biz travel advice? #TravelSkills

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