Customer Service Representative? More Like Free Mission Control

At Upside, we say we provide you a “Better Business Trip,” which we do, but most people don’t fully grasp what that means or how valuable that is for consumers in the business travel space. Given the ever-changing nature of business travel, travel plans change frequently. In fact, ~25% of Upside customers modify their itineraries in some fashion, whether it’s moving up their flight to the morning to make that afternoon meeting or adding an extra night to their hotel stay--and that’s no problem for our Navigators (they’re like mission control).

If you book elsewhere and needed to make one of those changes, you’d likely have to wait on hold for what could be a lifetime (or just a minute or two), and you’d have to call each supplier individually (airline, hotel, rental car company) to make those changes. All of that is extremely time consuming, and spare time is not a luxury most business travelers (or anyone, frankly) possess. Unfortunately, the scenario I described is not only expected but, sadly, accepted by business travelers as the status quo.

It’s time to take one giant leap for business travelers.

When you book with Upside you get unlimited access to our always on, team of Navigators. Navigators are ready 24/7 to help make modifications to your flight/hotel/rental car (and other trip assistance), and will resolve your issue as fast as possible. And perhaps the best part is accessibility, as you can contact a Navigator by chatting them through your Upside iOS/Android App (you can also call, email or chat Navigators on the web and expect the same result). Seriously, it’s like having mission control in your pocket.

So what does that actually mean for you?

  1. It means instead of waiting in line at the airline kiosk when your flight gets cancelled, you chat with a Navigator on your phone, a real person responds and they get you on another flight as soon as possible (I’ve literally done this on my way to Boston).
  2. It means Navigators are there for you when you need to move your flight up a day early to surprise your family.
  3. It means chatting with a Navigator on the Upside App on the way to the hotel to request an early check-in because your flight arrived early.

Most people would assume that you would have to pay a premium for these services, and let’s face it, your company wouldn’t be willing to pay for that premium just to make your life easier. They’d be assuming wrong. Upside’s Service Charge is $0, meaning neither your company nor you pays anything to receive the concierge-like service I described above. That’s right, it’s FREE.

So let’s review…

You get free 24/7 assistance. On your smartphone. To change your itinerary within minutes. At no service cost. (Airline fees still apply.) Super easy and fast booking with all your business travel plans in one place. (Gone are the days of booking business travel on 5+ sites). The same low prices as all the major online travel sellers, and sometimes, lower. (Book a package if you haven’t already, you’ll see what I’m talking about).

As a bonus, here are a few ways you can activate your Navigator experience (for free) that you may or may not have known before:

1. Help on the fly. Download our app today and get all the help you need on mobile, on-demand.
2. Humans not robots. Chat us, call us, email us. We’ll respond quick, and we have a pulse.
3. Fast rebooking. Stretched for time? Chat a Navigator, we’ll rebook you in no-time.
4. No fee 24-hour post flight booking cancellation. Meetings get cancelled, priorities shift...we’ve been there and we’re here to help. (Airline change fees still apply.)
5. Pick your seat. We’ll try to get you the seat you want, chat us.
6. Add a traveler. Now your boss wants your colleague to join your trip? Contact a Navigator and we’ll get your colleague booked.
7. Help us help you. Reach out to us if you need a recommendation within your business city. For example, we’ve got a ton of tips on business friendly hotels, remote work spots, health and wellness guides, alongside much more. Just ask!

Have an upcoming business trip and want to learn more about Upside? Email us at [email protected] I’d love to tell you more about how we can make your business trip that much better.

Have feedback for us? Let us know. Email us at [email protected] or leave comments below.