Have You Heard About the Top 2018 Albuquerque Conferences?

Being a business traveler is hit or miss -- sometimes you're in a room with a view, and sometimes you wind up in the middle of nowhere. Albuquerque is a blissful combination of both worlds, a desert city with plenty of attractions surrounded by wide open spaces littered with tumbleweeds. If you're visiting Albuquerque on business, be sure to take the Sandia Peak Tramway and visit the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden in your spare time. Thanks to the number of niche conferences in the city, you may just find a good reason to visit. Here are six conferences headed to Albuquerque in 2018.

New Mexico Organic Farming Conference

When: February 17-18, 2018

Where: Marriott Pyramid

This conference sends a siren song to all researchers, farmers and ranchers from the region to gain information and insights into best practices for organic farming. Presentations during the two-day event revolve around everything from soil fertilization to organic certification costs. Your registration for the event also grants you access to exhibitors.

American Accounting Association Southwest Region/FBD Meeting

When: March 7-10, 2018

Where: Hyatt Regency Albuquerque

If you're an accountant or small business owner who wants to get a handle on how to crunch the numbers, you may want to register for the American Accounting Association's Southwest Region/FBD Meeting. At this gathering of like minded people in the southwest, you'll learn from research-based presentations and network with other accounting professionals. Registration, once available, grants you access to all aspects of the event.

International Conference on Environmental Systems

When: July 8-12, 2018

Where: Hyatt Regency Albuquerque

If you're in the business of science, the ICES conference is no doubt on your radar. At the 2018 event, the topic will be space. Panel discussions will include topics ranging from life sciences to thermal control systems technology. Registration for the week-long conference will be available on the ICES website leading up to the event.

AHEAD Conference

When: July 16-21, 2018

Where: Albuquerque Convention Center

The Association of Higher Education and Disability puts on an important annual conference to address vital issues on accessibility and education. If you're involved with the business of college at any level, the panels and discussions here will be fruitful for your institution's progress. Past topics have included working with students with autism and a 40-year history on disability in higher education. Registration will be available on the association's website.

Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

When: September 26-30, 2018

Where: TBA

Only in its third year, the JCLC conference is a gathering of library professionals who want to address issues that intersect with libraries, learning and communities of color. The conference is put on by five associations for people of color, including the Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA). Your admission includes workshops and skills-building sessions as well as research-based presentations. Registration will be available on the JCLC website.

National Scholarship Providers Conference

When: October 3-5, 2018

Where: Hyatt Regency Albuquerque

If you're in the business of higher education or interested in becoming a scholarship provider as a part of your philanthropy efforts, the NSPA conference is worth a visit. This three-day event allows you to network with and learn from a variety of experts in the field. The conference brings together private corporations, foundations, public charities and more -- you will also have access to dozens of exhibitors who offer services and technology. Registration, once open, is available on the conference website.

Conferences in Albuquerque range from the scientific to the literary, but they share a great host city. If you're going to be in New Mexico for business, plan your travel during one of these conferences. Of course, Albuquerque conferences are worth a special business trip of their own. If you have some extra time in the region, rent a car and make the drive to Santa Fe, where you can soak up even more desert charm and southwest style.

Find yourself frequently traveling to Albuquerque for business? Incorporate these 2018 conferences into your business travel itinerary.