2018 Boston Business Conferences Blend Work, Culture, and Recreation

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S., and millions of people travel to this business-friendly city each year to attend business conferences and enjoy the historical-based culture. Following is a sample of 2018 conferences in Boston.

1. Intelligent Technology

Boston is the home of the elite Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which frequently holds conferences. Some people are already planning to join the venture capital + innovation conference to be held February 9, 2018. Tickets will go fast, because this conference doesn't plan dull panels. It's a fast-paced agenda addressing cutting-edge R&D in technology and delivering TED-style talks and fireside chats. Participants include innovators representing business, education and the public sector. The conference is held on-campus in the Samberg Conference Center, giving the business traveler opportunities to take the self-guided walking tour of campus and soak up some "IQ."

2. Big Information on Big Data

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Managing what technology produces is a major business challenge. The "Big Data Innovation Summit will be held in Boston on September 6-7, 2018 and is the perfect event for anyone who wants to increase the ROI of big data initiatives. It assembles an array of data scientists, business leaders, innovators, marketers and strategists. There are speakers, networking sessions and an exhibition floor at this Boston conference. The program is so state-of-the-art that Google has complimented Innovation Enterprise on its conference. You can register now and save a spot at this exclusive conference. The venue has not been named, but Boston is considered one of the most walkable cities in the country and has excellent public transportation. You can easily get to any venue desired no matter where the conference lands.

3. Small Business With Big Returns

Mark your calendar for a May 17, 2018 business trip to Boston. The Small Business Expo is a large networking event for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. Held at the Hynes Convention Center, free registration is completed online on the same website. The expo offers workshops, seminars, speakers, presentations, vendor exhibitors, speed-networking and business card exchange. One feature adding to conference excellence is the participation of professionals from across many different industries. Another great feature is location. The Hynes Convention Center is surrounded by premier shopping opportunities, like the Prudential Center, and is in walking distance of the Charles River Esplanade.

4. Human Side of Doing Business

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The INBOUND annual conferences is an inspiring experience, according to thousands of business professionals from every industry and more than 100 countries. This particular conference is different from others in that it focuses on the human side of business as well as the nitty-gritty aspects of business development. Attendees say it's a fun event with lots of networking opportunities, in addition to speakers, workshops, innovative talks and hands-on lessons. The September 4-7, 2018 conference will be held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and you can register now. Pack some comfortable shoes when visiting Boston for business, because nearby is the Harborwalk, which winds through a number of Boston neighborhoods to the historic Boston Harbor.

5. Perfecting Content Marketing

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Content marketing is part science, part art and part technology. That's precisely the focus of the Content Marketing Conference and Expo to be held May 2-4, 2018. The Boston conference agenda is loaded with interesting speakers but also plenty of entertaining activities, like a reception serving cakes baked by Boston chefs and a comedy show featuring Boston comedians. It's all meant to inspire creative approaches to marketing. The conference location is the Boston Westin Waterfront, putting you close to Boston's Freedom Trail and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. Registration is now open.

Ideally, a business trip to Boston offers two positive outcomes. One is you learn new strategies or gain information applicable to business success. The second is you have fun enjoying the venerable city of Boston.

Is there a conference you're looking forward to that isn't on this list? Share with fellow business travelers in the comments below.