Your Guide to the New Bangkok Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport, or the New Bangkok Airport (BKK), is the main airport serving Bangkok. Even though it only consists of one terminal, it is one of the largest airports in Southeast Asia and one of the largest single terminals in the world. Because of this, it serves as a hub for a lot of international business travelers.

Having only been completed in 2006, it is a relatively up-to-date and modern airport with a wide range of different amenities ideal for serving travelers here on business. It is also relatively easy to navigate because it is all in one building. It serves as the main hub for Thai Airways International, Thai Smile Airways and Bangkok Airways, making it the top choice for domestic travelers as well.


There are quite a few airport lounges scattered throughout the airport, including a bunch of Miracle First Class Lounges, Oman First and Business Class Lounge, and an Air France KLM SkyLounge. Every concourse except concourse B has at least one lounge, and all of them will sell day passes to economy travelers. Many of the lounges even have showers or places to nap, and they all have WiFi and charging stations which is perfect for the business traveler who has to keep working on the go.

If a lounge isn't up your alley, there is a spa within the airport that offers cheap massages, facials and other refreshing spa treatments. There is even a hotel inside the terminal if you have an overnight layover and want to get some rest and relaxation between conference calls.

There is also a post office, prayer rooms, plentiful plugs and charging stations throughout the airport, and rest areas with reclining leather chairs if you want to take a nap.


There is free WiFi available in the terminal, but only for two hours per day. If you are going to be interested in using the WiFi for longer than two hours, you can gain access to one of the lounges to use their WiFi.

ATMs/Cash Exchange

There are frequent ATMs and cash exchange booths located throughout the airport both pre- and post-security, though most places in the airport will take your card. Many places in Thailand also accept the U.S. dollar, though you can take out some Thai Baht as well, if you choose. This is key if you need to do business here as most places do not take cards.


The duty-free shops are located on the fourth floor of the terminal, though there is a ton of shopping options available throughout the whole airport. You will find many convenience stores, such as 7-11, in case you forgot anything crucial, as well retail stores and mini markets.

Food and Drink

There is a wide variety of food available throughout the airport both Thai and Western. There is a Starbucks as well as other local coffee places available. On the ground floor, before security, there is a large 24-hour food court with all kinds of different Thai food, and it is very cheap, so no matter when you get in you'll be able to find a hot meal. It is frequented primarily by employees, but is available to travelers as well, and is a great way to grab a quick, cheap bite of local food.

Luggage Storage

If you fancy leaving the airport to explore Bangkok on a longer layover, there is luggage storage available. There is one area on the second floor near baggage claim, and another on the fourth floor near the check-in counters. It will cost you 100 Baht per day, which equals out to about $3.

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