Where to Book & Host Casual Business Meetings in New York City

Picking a place for a casual business meeting is a tough thing to get right. There are multiple factors that make up the perfect venue. You want a place that's quiet enough for conversation, but has a vibe (and a decent playlist); a place that's versatile enough for you to grab a coffee, drink or bite, but nothing too fussy; and most importantly, you want a place where you don't have to fight for a table or sit on top of your neighbor. Finding the happy marriage between those three things may seem impossible, but fear not, we've handled the recon for you.

Here are your five new go-to meeting spots in New York City, whether you're a local looking to switch up your routine or you're in town to take care of business. Let's dive in.

Gotan | Tribeca

Gotan is the bright and airy office space that you wish you worked in. Anchored by long wooden tables with plenty of space to spread out, this daytime meeting spot is an ideal place to collaborate on that presentation before a new business meeting, or go over the strategy for your next big project. Gotan serves coffee and easy meals, so if you want to keep things casual with a side of sustenance, this is your place.

Corkbuzz | Greenwich Village

By day, Corkbuzz operates as a co-working space where independent contractors and groups can co-exist with laptops in hand. What's unique about this communal gathering place is that by night, Corkbuzz operates as a fully functioning wine bar, complete with top-notch wine list and tasty menu of small plates that you can share amongst friends and colleagues. Located just below Union Square makes it an easy access point from any part of the city.

Ground Central | Midtown

Ground Central is everything you want out of a meeting space. The venue transitions with ease from day to night, offering coffee and espresso drinks, salads and sandwiches, and beer and wine. It feels like a cozy hideaway, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown and the bright lights of Times Square, so you can clearly focus on your meeting without any distractions. Or hunger pains.

Upright Brew House | West Village

This West Village staple is a great spot to meet over a beer, which is how all productive business meetings go, right? Upright Brew House's long list of craft brews has something for everyone, plus happy hour goes until 7pm and their food is killer (yes, that's beer cheese you see on the menu). Even if you're looking for more of a daytime thing, you can hang here for afternoon coffee or late lunch with plenty of space to meet and greet.

Freehold | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If atmosphere is the most important thing to you, look no further than Freehold. Located just over the Williamsburg Bridge, this place feels like an extension of your living room... if your living room had a disco ball and a huge outdoor courtyard. Open early morning and well into the night, you can easily transition from work to play to work again without skipping a beat.

Know an ideal meeting place we may have missed? Share your suggestions in the comments below and let's crowdsource.

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