7 Business-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok

Thailand's economy has been booming, and an increasing number of English-speaking travelers are embarking on Bangkok business trips. But they may not know the best places to bring a client to have a meal. Don't be at a disadvantage: Follow this Bangkok business travel guide to discover the city's best-kept secrets.

1) Eat Me Restaurant

Eat Me doesn't just have a charmingly forward name -- it's consistently rated one of the 50 best restaurants on the continent. Despite this, the restaurant's staff and management are still famously friendly and warm. Eat Me Restaurant specializes in fusion cuisine and seamlessly blends the best of Asia, Europe and the U.S. It's a little on the pricey side, but its excellent food and quiet atmosphere make it a must-visit for any business meeting in Bangkok.

2) Rock Restaurant and Bar

Bangkok's aesthetic, as a city, is what some reviewers call "industrial chic." Rock Restaurant and Bar breaks all the rules. Its atmosphere is exotic and mysterious, with strange rock formations and plants that grow all the more compelling when the staff dims the lights in the evening. Any client meeting in Bangkok will be all the more memorable for taking place here. The food is traditional Thai fare, done as only locals can. Be sure to check out Rock Restaurant and Bar's extensive wine and mixed drink menus.

3) Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant

It may surprise non-locals, but Bangkok knows how to do French food right, and Scarlett Wine Bar and Restaurant is proof. This restaurant is on the 37th floor of the Hotel Pullman, and window seats offer a breathtaking view of the city below. The menu varies between light fare, like cheese plates and tapas, to full meals (try the beef tartare). As you might imagine, the wine menu at Scarlett is excellent, so be sure to ask your friendly servers about the best pairings while you're at one of the best meeting places in Bangkok.

4) Tsu Japanese Restaurant at the JW Marriott Hotel

Tsu Japanese Restaurant is located in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hotel, which makes it a prime location for business meetings in Bangkok. The restaurant has a sleek, elegant feel and serves business travelers some of the best seafood in Bangkok. If you're looking for sushi, sashimi, sake (100 different varieties!) and other traditional Japanese fare, then Tsu can't be beat. The restaurant is a little pricey, but the food's terrific and the service is stellar. Plus, it seats 200, so it's a perfect venue for even large events.

5) Goji Kitchen + Bar

Goji Kitchen + Bar is one of the best places to go in Bangkok if you're looking for a high-end brunch. This isn't a place for eggs and pancakes: Instead, try eggs Benedict, sushi, mango sticky rice and suckling pig. The food's a terrific fusion of Asian and American, the atmosphere is slick and modern, and the staff is friendly, helpful and bilingual. While Goji Kitchen + Bar is best known for breakfast and brunch, it's open until 11 p.m., so it's perfect for jet-lagged business travelers looking for something memorable.

6) Siam Tea Room

Siam Tea Room in Sukhumvit is a beautiful, scenic, quiet place with extensive sunny outdoor seating. The restaurant serves a variety of traditional Thai and Asian dishes in great portions for the price -- and, of course, it sports an extensive tea menu. Siam Tea Room is also a perfect place to take a vegetarian client, since the atmosphere is so calm and the vegetarian options so plentiful.

7) Snooze_Coffee House

Snooze_Coffee House is a tiny, cozy place, but sometimes that's what a hungry business traveler needs. It's open from 6:30 a.m. into the late afternoon and serves a plentiful menu of European brunch favorites, such as croissants, waffles and pancakes. It's less expensive than many options on this list, but still serves high-quality food, and the staff takes great pleasure in beautiful plating. You're hard-pressed to beat Snooze for the perfect combination of quality and price, and it's a great place for a casual, low-key meeting with a client in Bangkok.

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