Business Traveler Terminal Guide: Barcelona

Barcelona is a hub for manufacturing and trade, so it's not surprising that your business travel may take you to the Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN). This Spanish airport is just 7 miles from the center of the city and the second-largest airport in the country. If you have a layover in Barcelona or have some time to kill in the airport, the two terminals present business travelers with lots of things to do and amenities to make your business trip abroad convenient.

While most flights arrive and depart out of Terminal 1 (70 percent of all flights use this terminal), there may be times when you need to get between terminals. The airport provides an around-the-clock shuttle bus to make the trip easy. During peak hours, buses arrive as frequently as every four minutes.

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Terminal 1

Because Terminal 1 sees most of the traffic in and out of BCN, it is well-equipped to keep travelers comfortable and entertained. During your business trip to Barcelona, you can refuel and relax in this terminal during a long layover or after a particularly long flight. Many of the amenities in the terminal are business-friendly, so you can also remain productive at your gate or in one of the terminal lounges. Terminal 1 amenities for business travelers include:

  • Free basic Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the entire terminal so you can keep up to date on email or work on a presentation for your client meeting in Barcelona.
  • Four VIP lounges for first class and business class passengers where you can relax and have a cocktail in between flights or as you wait for your plane to board
  • Sleeping quarters you can rent by the hour; get some rest during your layover in the Barcelona-El Prat Airport, or savor a siesta after a long flight if your hotel is not ready for check in
  • Sky Center dining and duty-free shopping area where you can pick up local treats or grab some coffee before departing for your meeting in the city
  • A business center with 240 square meters filled with offices, catering and a fitness center

Terminal 2

This terminal sees its fair share of business travelers as well, with more than 10 million passengers arriving at or departing from one of its gates each year. While it may be smaller than its sister terminal, Terminal 2 has three unique modules and has plenty of the amenities you need when you're visiting Barcelona for business. In Terminal 2 at BCN you can expect to take advantage of:

  • The Catalunya Meeting rooms, where you can hold conferences or other large professional events in the public departures area
  • A variety of shops and dining, including 24 stores and four bars and cafes where you can refuel during your layover
  • A VIP lounge in the T2B for business class passengers where you can use internet, fax and other business services while you enjoy catered food

There are also six car rental agencies serving the Barcelona-El Prat Airport. If you have an important meeting in Barcelona and don't want to rely on public transportation, you can pick up a vehicle in either terminal. Rental car kiosks are located on Floor 1 of Terminal 1 and on Floor 0 in T2B of Terminal 2. You can return your car to the same terminal at the end of your business trip.

Have you recently traveled for business to Barcelona-El Prat Airport? Let us know if there are any terminal recommendations you think we should add in the comments below.