11 Things to Do in Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

When visiting Cleveland for business, you may spend a few hours or longer at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE). Good news: There’s tons to do at Cleveland International. Here are a couple of recommendations made with you, the business traveler, in mind:

Terminal A

No airport guide would be complete without mentioning Hudson News. A staple of U.S. airports, this is a great place to leaf through magazines and newspapers or grab a water before your flight. There are two Hudson News shops in this terminal, one at Gate A1 and the other at A5.

As a business traveler, you need to be plane to presentation ready, and a fresh shoe shine can be the perfect final touch. So, if you have time before boarding, stop by Cleveland Shines to get those shoes buffed.

In 2009, rocker Sammy Hagar founded the Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill chain in St. Louis. This restaurant brings a taste of Sammy's beloved Cabo San Lucas to Cleveland, and some of its proceeds fund the Hagar Family Foundation, a charity that supports homeless youth and others in need.

Terminal B

Road warriors are always looking for ways to stay healthy while traveling for work. Make sure you stop and grab an Inca Tea before you leave the terminal. Made with a recipe that's more than 1,000 years old, the tea is rich in nourishing antioxidants.

Conversely, sometimes you just want comfort food when traveling for work. Give Quaker Steak & Lube a try--with 25 different wing sauces, this eatery still celebrates American car culture, and its chicken wings are heavenly.

When you're in need of smartphone batteries, headphones or other small electronic goods, you can operate the Best Buy Express kiosk. Business Pro Tip: Save the receipt you get. If you later find a lower price for the same item at a Best Buy store, the company will match it.

Terminal C

If you're a United Club member, your Cleveland Hopkins International Airport layover will be luxurious. In its lounge, you can speak with travel agents and enjoy comfy chairs, tasty snacks and adult beverages.The United Club also has color printers and Wi-Fi that's separate from the primary Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Wi-Fi service.

For people who like mixing business travel and cold beer, the Great Lakes Brewing Company is a great place. It got its start in Cleveland in the 1980s, and today it's renowned throughout Ohio for its refined craft beers.

Main Terminal

Millions of people have toured Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which opened in 1995. If your business trip to Cleveland won't allow you time to visit it, you can still see the airport's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Store. There, you'll feel the spirit of rebellion, and you can pick up a t-shirt that's worthy of a rock star.

A Cleveland airport layover will be tastier if you stop at Currito, Burritos Without Borders. Its burritos overflow with ingredients like beans, chickpeas, cucumbers, Asian cabbage, corn salsa and many others besides.

If you have a layover in Cleveland before you go to another country, why not head over to the Travelex Currency Services booth? No matter your destination, Travelex can provide you with the currency you'll need at the most advantageous exchange rates possible.

At Cleveland Hopkins International and need a ride? Check out how Uber works at CLE

Have you recently traveled to or through Cleveland for business? Tell us what you recommend other business travelers do at the airport in the comments below.