Do's and Don'ts of Business Travel in Las Vegas

There's probably a good chance you've heard the common saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." However, if you're traveling to Sin City for business, you're probably hoping that the exact opposite happens and that you come home with closed deals and new knowledge. If you want to get the most out of Las Vegas when you're there for business travel, it can help to keep the following fundamental do's and don'ts of the city in mind.


Do Explore Vegas's Food Scene

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Vegas is a mecca for great dining. The city is home to many three-starred Michelin restaurants, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to get to know your coworkers and clients over delicious food at places like Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand and Wing Lei at the Wynn.

Do Pack Smart

If you're traveling to Las Vegas for business travel, make sure you pack carefully to ensure you have appropriate clothing for the weather (and your events). Don't forget to include sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle (just don't fill it up before you go through security!). Las Vegas is located in the desert, and it gets 320 days of sunshine a year -- which means you should think summer-smart, no matter what time of year you're going.

Do Look for Art

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Look for art in Las Vegas -- it's everywhere. There are sculptures by famous artists behind the check-in desks, in the hotel lobbies and on the street. Beyond that, certain hotels like the Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan have their own galleries that display touring collections from around the world. One great spot for art is the Picasso restaurant in the Bellagio -- which is filled with authentic pieces from the master.

Do Unwind at the Spa

There are countless high-end spas in Vegas, which means between your business meetings, you'll have an excellent chance to unwind and de-stress. Vegas is now known as one of the premier spa destinations in the country, thanks to luxurious destinations like Canyon Ranch at the Venetian and the Spa at the Bellagio.


Don't Plan on Walking

Even if you're not planning to rent your own car when you arrive at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, don't plan on getting everywhere on foot. The entire Strip is over four miles long, and it will take you at least a 15-30 minute walk to get to a different hotel than your own. Do plan on calling an Uber to help you get to where you need to go.

Don't Use the ATMs

Avoid withdrawing cash from the ATMs in Las Vegas. The standard fee at most Vegas ATMS is $5.99. If you're in Vegas on business, we recommend do bring plenty of cash with you when you travel.

Don't Miss Out on a Great Breakfast

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Don't host a client meeting over a free continental breakfast in Vegas. Do your breakfast meeting right by eating one of the best French breakfasts in town -- just outside of Paris at Caesars Payard. You can get a quiche and an almond croissant, or do a grand buffet at the Wynn.