Top Things to Do at the Frankfurt International Airport

Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) is a huge hub for airline traffic, so it is likely that you will end up there on your business travels if you are traveling internationally. The airport sees over 60 million travelers a year. Due to its size, Frankfurt International Airport has many activities available for business travelers on a layover. Here are the top things to do if you find yourself at Frankfurt International Airport.

Things to Do in Terminal 1

Go to a lounge. Because there are so many international flights leaving and arriving from Frankfurt Airport, the airport has a large number of lounges serving business and first class travelers. Lufthansa is the primary airline using Terminal 1, and Lufthansa has six business class lounges and two first class lounges in the terminal. The lounges serve hot beverages like tea and coffee, as well as cocktails. There are snacks and soup available to tide you over between meals. And there are a number of seating options, from conference tables for holding meetings to flat lounge chairs where you can rest.

Go to the mall. Just outside of Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport there is a mall called Airport City Mall. There you can buy just about anything a business traveler would need, from electronics to professional clothing to suitcases and briefcases.

Get some sleep. The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel is located just outside of Terminal 1. The Sheraton offers comfortable rooms for sleeping, as well as a business center and restaurant. If you need to catch up on sleep during the day to prepare for a meeting, you can also purchase a day pass at the Sheraton for day use only.

Eat traditional German food. Even when you're traveling on business, the dining options at FRA mean that you can still take a moment to sample the local culture. Terminal 1 has several traditional German restaurants and bakeries where you can sample the local German cuisine, from sausage to pretzels.

Spend miles on small souvenirs. Lufthansa has a WorldShop in Terminal 1 where you can spend Lufthansa miles on a variety of goods. You can also pay with euros if you are so inclined.

Things to Do in Terminal 2

Go on a tour of the airport. Even when you are traveling for work, it can be helpful to your productivity to break up your work with a bit of play. Frankfurt is one of the only airports to offer an airport tour that takes visitors to see various jumbo jets and even the fire station.

Take your laptop to a leisure zone. Frankfurt Airport features a series of what it calls "relax zones", or leisure areas where tired business travelers can relax in lounge chairs, surrounded by green plants. Just look for the areas marked "Leisure Zone" on the terminal map.

Buy an "Airport Fascination Coupon." Frankfurt Airport sells "Airport Fascination Coupons" that you can buy and gift to colleagues if you know they will be traveling through the airport later. They can use the coupon at airport store to buy everything from Visitor Terrace access to business supplies.

Get some fresh air at the Visitor Terrace. Need to clear your head before the next business meeting? The Visitor Terrace is an outdoor terrace located in Terminal 2, where travelers can go to observe the tarmac and all the planes coming and going on the airport's apron.

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