Best Business Meeting Spots in London

London is an international business hub. Which means it can be overwhelming to comb through all the potential venues that are suitable for client meetings and entertainment. Good thing we already took a tour and can tell you our favorite business meeting locations in London.

If you’re a business traveler heading across the pond, here are the places we recommend you check out:

Working Client Meetings


Convenient, functional and sophisticated. When it comes to business meeting venues in London, we love Timberyard. It’s easy to book meeting space online and no deposit is required. Plus, they have scalable options—their smaller rooms hold up to eight people. Others, like the ground floor at Seven Dial, accommodate 100+ people. All of the rooms inspire with their impressive design aesthetic. Best of all, the nosh options are legit. You could live and work here comfortably for a solid week (except for the fact that you can’t actually sleep over). Timberyard has three locations—two in Central London, and one in East London.

Casual Client Meetings

Long White Cloud

Energetic café with corners to meet and schmooze. Long White Cloud's robust coffee and tea selection is sure to keep you and your clients perky. And their sustainably-sourced menu options will keep your bellies full and functioning at top performance. It’s a pretty typical, buzzing café for most of the day. You can talk without shouting and get real business done. Make sure you get your work done early, though. By mid-afternoon, the orders for booze start to outnumber the ones for caffeine and, predictably, the vibe gets more spirited.

Working On Your Own

Ace Hotel

The perfect solo spot. If you need a place to finish off a presentation the night before you give it, this 24-hour option with free Wi-Fi has your name written all over it. The Ace Hotel is dashing, and features a protracted communal table with low lighting that reminds us of something out of a university library. When you need to take a pause from staring at your computer screen, saunter over to Hoi Polloi (the in-house restaurant) for sustenance—you can order dinner until 11:30 p.m. and then get back to the grind.

Eating & Meeting

E. Pellicci

Fast, full English breakfast joint. Since 1900, E. Pellicci has been serving up classics like fried eggs, ham and cheese, and steak pie. It’s a quaint café with a lot of energy, run by a family that knows how to make you full and happy. Service is fast, and prices are very reasonable. It can be a bit touristy for brunch, but for a quick pre-meeting breakfast, you can’t go wrong.

Theo Randall at the Intercontinental

Seafood pasta has to be me favourite carb! The delicious dish from @theo.randall

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Signature Italian cuisine in the center of London. Recently updated, the Theo Randall at the Intercontinental plates rustic Italian dishes the way they were meant to be—simple, delicious and always balanced. The building in which it resides is a London hotel for business travelers, therefore the service is polished and the atmosphere is quite comfortable. Take your client here for upscale lunch fare without the fuss of a fancy establishment.


Chinese Dimsum? #michelinstar

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Contemporary Chinese with uber personality. For more than a decade, Yauatcha has been seducing diners—encouraging them to step down into their club-like, basement restaurant in order to elevate their palates. Dark rooms and tables, neon lights and walls lined with tanks of exotic fish, create vibrant ambiance. But the food is what’s truly mesmerizing. Go for the small plates if you truly want to explore the depth and variety that this Asian gem has to offer. Many say this is one of London’s best restaurants. Your clients will feel like rock stars, and you’ll look like one for bringing them here. A la carte and group dining are both available.

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