Biz Travel Guide: Miami International Airport

Miami has a little something for everyone. There's Cuban music that floats through the air, stunning natural scenery to take in, delicious food in top-class restaurants, and a thrilling nightlife scene. If you have a business trip in, through, or to Miami, you may not get a chance to explore the city itself. But you can get a little taste of the fun at the airport. Below are the best things to do at Miami International Airport (MIA); you can eat, drink, work, and just have a generally enjoyable time.

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North Terminal

  • Miami News Now: You may have been on a flight for your business trip for a while. Catch up on what's going on in the news at Miami NewsNow. You can purchase magazines and newspapers to bring you up to speed -- or buy a book to entertain you while on your next flight. Miami News Now also has fresh baked pastries.
  • Bacardi Mojito: You may not be on the beach sipping a rum cocktail. But you can pretend like you're in Miami at Bacardi Mojito by sipping on a fresh mint drink with rum. This is a spot to soak up the Miami feel.
  • International Currency Exchange: Are you traveling through MIA to somewhere further, or coming home from somewhere far away? If so, stop by the International Currency Exchange in the North Terminal. You can exchange whatever currency you need, and you can also by SIM cards,cell phones, and prepaid calling cards.

Central Terminal

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  • Guava and Java: Business travel is tiring. One of the best ways to get energized for meetings with colleagues and clients is with a fresh cup of coffee. Check out Guava and Java. You can sip delicious espresso and coffee treats and choose from a wide selection of pastries.
  • Cafe Versailles: People come from all over the world to taste Cuban food at Cafe Versailles in Miami. This airport outpost has Cuban sandwiches, pastelitos, and Cuban coffee.
  • Budweiser Brew House: Entertaining clients and having business meetings when you travel can feel stressful. Relax with a cold brew or cocktail. You can also enjoy a delicious meal or snack here while you wait for your next flight.
  • Auditorium: If you need to host a meeting during your Miami airport layover, there are two auditoriums in the airport. They are both fully multimedia-ready and equipped to hold functions, meetings, presentations, and more.

South Terminal

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  • Miami Jetsetter Spa: On the second level of Terminal H, there is the Miami Jetsetter Spa. This is a great place to get pampered and rejuvenated after a long flight. Treatments include manicures, pedicures, spray tans, and massages.
  • The VIP Lounge: This lounge operated by LATAM is by invitation only. The lounge is a great place to get work done between flights. It has alcoholic beverages, showers, WiFi, TV flight info, snacks, newspapers, and more.
  • Little Havana To-Go: In a rush to catch your next flight but still want a taste of what local Miami feels like? Check out Little Havana To Go, where you can get souvenirs, jewelry, candy, and more.
  • Jamba Juice: It can be hard to find healthy options to eat when you always travel for business. Visit Jamba Juice for smoothies and juices, a better alternative to greasy fast food.

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