Terminal Guide: Milan Malpensa Airport

There's no doubt about it: Milan is considered to be one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city is packed with tons of incredible shopping - and so is the airport - which means that if you fly through Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) on business, you'll have an opportunity to shop till you drop. You'll also get a chance to sample delicious Italian food or simply get work done. Regardless of your business travel style, here are some of the best things to do on at in Milan Malpensa Airport:

Terminal 1

Aroma Cafe: If you're feeling the jet lag from a long flight, your first stop in Terminal 1 should be Aroma Cafe. This little coffee shop serves up delicious Italian espressos.

Chef Kitchen: If you need a more serious bite once you arrive in Milan, there's no better spot than Chef Kitchen, which serves up "Italian street food" in a beautiful atmosphere. If Milan's your only stop in Italy, this is the perfect place to get your fill of Italian cuisine.

Bric's Milano: There's a good chance you've picked up some new goodies if you've been traveling for business for a while. If so, you might need more luggage to tote your stuff home in. For your luggage needs, check out Bric's, which sells elegant roller bags, computer cases, handbags and more.

Pergolesi Lounge: Terminal 1 of the Milan Airport is home to Pergolesi Lounge. Meant for Non-Schengen flights, the Pergolesi Lounge offers free WiFi, an extensive buffet, newspapers and magazines and more.

Terminal 2

Pharmacy: Terminal 2 of MXP has its own pharmacy. This is a great place to visit if you're feeling under the weather on a business trip, or if you've forgotten an important item at home. You can find cosmetics, over-the-counter medications, beauty and bath products and more.

Banco Popolare di Milano: Do you need to change your money over into a foreign currency during your layover? Visit Banca Popolare Di Milano, which has a branch inside of Terminal 2. The branch is staffed with bank tellers who can help you with any language or currency issues you might have.

Pastasciutta Come a Casa: Do you want to make sure you get your fill of pasta during a short layover in Milan? Or, do you have time to kill and want a warm, filling meal? Pastaciutta Come a Casa is the perfect dining spot for you. You can choose from a huge range of pastas, sauces and ingredients -- cooked perfectly al dente, of course!

Juice Bar: Have you been traveling for a while and feel tired of eating heavy or unhealthy meals? Then head to Juice Bar, which is a member of the first chain of restaurants in Italy to specialize in fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Alongside your juice, you can also pick up a fresh-made sandwich or salad.

Hudson News: Hudson News is a perennial airport favorite, and there are multiple outposts of it in Terminal 2 of Malpensa Airport. Head to Hudson News to pick up a paper and get caught up in what's going on in the world or grab a magazine or a book to keep you entertained on your next flight after your layover. Hudson News also sells easy-to-grab snacks and beverages you can enjoy in between flights.

Travel for business through Milan frequently? Tell us what tips and tricks we missed in the comments below.