Convenience & Comfort at the InterContinental Minneapolis

There is a brand-spankin' new hotel in Minneapolis-St. Paul that I had the opportunity to stay at recently. More specifically, it's a new hotel directly connected to the MSP airport: The InterContinental Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport.

It's hard to get much closer to your arrival or departure gate than staying at a hotel on airport property with a skybridge connecting it to the terminal. Maybe your flight was cancelled or you got stuck in some bad weather or you arrived on a late flight or you leave on a really early flight. Whatever the reason, there are occasions that being this close to your gate is essential.

The Intercontinental has everything you'd expect from this brand in a sparklingly new building. Nice rooms, good amenities, quality gym, restaurant, etc.. The best extra perk by far is the TSA check-in right in the hotel! Go to the 3rd floor and right across the hallway from the gym is a TSA check-in just waiting for you. No lines. No hassle. Wake up, roll out of bed and walk through TSA. Now that's convenient.

Here's the one problem with your hotel being so close to your gate...If you arrive on the last flight in like I did and in a zombie-like state walk with the rest of the passengers on your flight towards baggage claim and ground transportation, you've done it all wrong. If you cross the magical security threshold, you're out of luck and a simple walk from your gate to the hotel is now out of the question. D'oh!

So, learn from my mistake. Stay at this fantastic new hotel and take advantage of the convenience, but don't leave the secure area of the terminal. If you do, you're stuck having to call the hotel to request the shuttle bus--or taking a very short Uber around to the other side of the airport. If only I had me, to warn me about this before I landed. Oh well.

All the best in your travels whether they take you over a bridge into a comfy bed or out into the wilds of airport arrivals.

Have you ever stayed at an awesome hotel that was connected to the airport? Share your experiences with other business travelers (like our Director of Partnerships, Brian Butler) in the comments below.