Your Business Travel Guide to the Orlando Airport

Orlando is a city that sees millions of travelers come through each year. While many are there to visit the world-class theme parks, others come through on business trips. If you are traveling through Orlando (MCO) on your business trip, you'll find tons of restaurants, bars, amenities and entertainment you can take advantage of. Here are some of the best options.

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Airside 1

Kidsworks: Do you have a kid at home that you have to leave behind when you travel for business? Stop by Kidsworks and pick them up a gift you can greet them with when you return from your travels. The store sells toys, activity books, stuffed animals and more.

On the Border: If you need a proper meal and a cocktail when you're on a layover in the Orlando Airport, try visiting On the Border in Airside 1. You can get a delicious margarita or one of their Tex-Mex dishes, which will tide you over until you get to your final destination.

Bijoux Terner: Have you picked up some extra cargo while you've been traveling for business? It may help to get an extra carry-on at Bijoux Terner. The store sells travel accessories and bags that are stylish and practical.

Airside 2

Big Head Caricatures: Sometimes, on a layover during a business trip, you just want something that will entertain you and help you pass the time. For that, head to Big Head Caricatures, where an artist will draw a caricature of you while you sit and pose. You'll have a fun souvenir to take home -- and a memory of your layover in the Orlando Airport!

Pinkberry: Satisfy your sweet tooth on the go with a stop at Pinkberry in Airside 2. This yogurt staple serves up fresh, tart yogurt with a slew of toppings. Pinkberry is a great way for you to eat a sweet treat that is still relatively healthy while you travel for business!

Terminal Getaway Spa: When you're feeling stressed and worn out after your business trip, head to the Terminal Getaway Spa. This in-airport spa can help you feel refreshed by offering a manicure, pedicure, massage and more.

Airside 3

Admiral's Club: Sometimes, you need to get work done on a business trip. If you want to work on your layover in the Orlando Airport, visit the Admirals Club. This exclusive lounge has WiFi, a business center and comfortable places to sit. You can also take advantage of other amenities in the Admiral's Club, including shower suites, full buffet, coffee and tea and cocktails.

Zaza Cuban Coffee: If you're feeling tired when you're a business traveler, one of your secret weapons might just be caffeine. For a great cup of coffee, head to Zaza in Airside 3. You can also have Cuban coffee drinks as well as sandwiches and pastries there.

Hudson News: Hudson News is a great spot to visit in the Orlando Airport if you have a long flight ahead of you and you want to stock up on things that can keep you entertained. The store has books, magazines, snacks and drinks so you can fill your carry-on with things that will keep you happy while you fly.

Airside 4

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Interchange: Are you flying internationally and need to change your currency? Do it at Interchange in Airside 4. In addition to exchanging currency, you can access an ATM, get travelers checks, do money transfers and more.

The Club at MCO: Relax somewhere a little more comfortable during your layover in the Orlando Airport at the Club at MCO. The Club has free snacks and drinks, free alcoholic beverages, newspapers and magazines, televisions, shower facilities, a children's room and more.

Naturally Inspired Orlando: If you won't get a chance to leave the airport during your layover in Orlando, visit Naturally Inspired Orlando. This shop sells local artisan goods and accessories so you can get a taste of local culture all from the comfort of your terminal.

What terminal recommendations do you have for Orlando Airport? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.