Your Guide to Business Travel in Paris

They say French is the international business language. Well, if you’re headed to the City of Lights and planning on entertaining clients, you’d better be able to speak to the best business meeting locations in Paris.

Get out your planner, you savvy business traveler, you. And make sure you put these stops on your itinerary. Here are our top picks for your trip to Paris.

Stay and Meet

Hotel ibis Paris gare de l'Est 10th - Everything within arms reach.

You could go to Paris for business and literally never leave the Hotel ibis Paris gare de l'Est 10th. With 24-hour snack service, a bar, Free WiFi and two separate meeting rooms for up to 20 people, it’s actually quite possible. But you should probably explore a bit while you’re here, too. Fortunately, they make it simple. The hotel is located downtown across from the Gare de l'Est train station. It’s also five minutes from Gare du Nord train station and only 30 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Stay and Entertain

Hôtel Bellevue Paris Montmartre - Great value and location.

Business travel in Paris can be expensive, but where you stay doesn’t have to be. A great, three-star spot worth considering is the Hôtel Bellevue Paris Montmartre. It’s within walking distance from iconic sites like the Place du Tertre and the Sacré-Coeur, the Rue des Abbesses and the enchanting Moulin Rouge—all perfect places to stroll and casually talk shop with your clients. The hotel’s central location in the city means public transportation is also close by, allowing you to easily venture beyond the touristy attractions.

Happy Culture Hotels - Paris hotels for business travelers all have unique selling points.

If you’re on a budget but seeking a place to stay that also includes opportunities for client entertainment, definitely check out the Happy Culture collection of hotels. If you do, you can invite them over for what they call “Happytime.” Here’s why that name is so fitting. Each evening, the Champagne Bar at the Hotel Belloy Saint Germain is open for free tastings of brut and regional bubbly. Cheers. Meanwhile, at the Hotel Etoile Saint Honore, free samplings of macaroons, appetizers and cakes adorn the lobby area. Mmmm. The kicker is that both of these hotels are centrally located, making them great jump-off points to attractions in and around Paris.

Space to Work

Espace des Peintres - Functional, affordable work space.

Look, sometimes you just need to get things done. When you need to put your head down and be productive, Espace des Peintres is a great choice—especially for small teams. You can easily book one of three meeting rooms online. Two of them hold up to three people, and the big room holds 12 comfortably. This place is right downtown and boasts free WiFi, projectors, and refreshments. Plus, it’s a very practical business meeting venue in Paris—only €60 for a half day (up to three people).


Berthillon - Coffee, tea and desserts to die for.

If you go to Paris and don’t stop by Berthillon, prepare yourself to be ridiculed by all of your coworkers and friends when you return back home. Berthillon’s reputation as one of Paris’ best restaurants is legendary. Just sayin. Take clients here for a morning business meeting. You may pretend like you’re only there for coffee and tea but, once you see the vast array of ice cream and pastries, you’ll have a table full of delectable delicacies before you know it. Come hungry, leave the laptop in your bag and stick to high-level strategy discussions.

La Bossue - Savory and sweet.

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Ordering lunch at La Bossue goes something like this: We’ll have one of those, and one of those and one of those and—you know what—that’ll be good to start and please leave the menu because we’ll certainly be having more. A traditional French café with delicious cakes, tarts and quiches—La Bossue smacks of sophistication yet keeps prices reasonable. To boot, the staff is friendly and hospitable. This is one of the best business meeting cafés Paris has to offer. Great for client entertaining during the day.

Les Apôtres de Pigalle - Small plates, fresh ingredients, masterful presentation.

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At Les Apôtres de Pigalle, the tapas-style menu makes it great for getting to know your clients better. Keep it light and sample some salmon ceviche. Or go all out and try mixed plates of charcuterie, guacamole and truffle mac and cheese. This place isn’t stuffy or fancy. It’s just plain great. Book your table right now. Seriously, do it. Your client will love it (and you for taking them here).

La Scène - Upscale and remarkable.

The dishes are divine and the service is impeccable at La Scène. You can order a la carte in waves that are carefully curated and presented like a play (up to eight “Acts,” an “Intermission” and a “Conclusion”). If you’re feeling extra saucy, roll the dice and enjoy the “Improvisation” menu instead. For this route, expect the “market and mood of the day” to determine what you will feast upon. Ridic. Even your most daring clients will be impressed. It’s worth every Euro. Just remember to carve out extra room on your expense account.

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