Your Airport Guide to PHL

Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, sits in the middle of several major metropolitan areas. Its central location makes it a common sight for many business travelers. If you have some extra time at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), use this terminal guide to make sure that you have everything you need for productive meetings.

Terminal A

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Explore Philadelphia: This city has a long history behind it and plenty of unique local flavor that lends itself well to interesting products. Add a personal touch to your desk back at headquarters.

Smashburger: Enjoy a quality fast food burger with the help of this restaurant, which is prevalent along the Eastern seaboard. The meal is filling enough to get you through an extended day of workshops.

Travelex: Get the foreign currency you need before you take to the air, or exchange any money that you no longer need once you're back from your business trip.

Terminal B

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Airport Wireless: Need to pick up some mobile accessories that you forgot for your business trip? You can get headphones, charging cables and other electronics here.

Geno's Steaks: Cheesesteak is a must-have when you pass through Philadelphia International Airport, and Geno's is a well-loved local institution. Enjoy the thinly sliced ribeye steak, and get your choice of cheese on top. You might have a lot of meetings on your plate, but at least you also get this local favorite.

Jet Rock Bar and Grill: Looking for a hearty meal and a good drink to go with it? This bar and grill offers high-quality fare and comfortable seating so you can stretch out after a long flight and prepare your notes for an upcoming client visit.

Minute Suites: Have a long layover at Philadelphia International Airport? Spend it napping with this airside hotel that allows you to rent rooms by the hour. You'll be prepared for the rest of your business trip after that.

Terminal C

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Balducci's Market: This food boutique has a 100-year history in the area, and it offers custom-made sandwiches, coffee and other snacks for the road. It's nice to add some variety to business trip meals.

Le Bus Cafe: This local bakery brings you an excellent selection of Philadelphia favorite pastries, baked that day. It also offers deli sandwiches on delicious bread. You won't have long to wait so that you can head off to an important business meeting.

Tech Interaction: Pick up any electronics you need for your business trip at this convenient stall.

Terminal D

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TUMI: It's never fun when the airline mauls your luggage, but at least you can replace your bags for the next part of your journey. These durable pieces are designed to hold up to the rigors of frequent business travel, and they're professional looking as well.

Vino Volo: Italian food and wine are the perfect combination, and you have plenty of space of stretch out when you visit this bistro. It's an upscale casual place and suitable for a quick business meeting if necessary.

Chickie's and Pete's: This seafood restaurant has a long history and plenty of excellent dishes that speak to its longevity. Crab cakes, lobsters and other favorites stand out among typical airport food. Treat yourself after you close the deal.

Terminal E

Lick: This candy store will bring out the kid in anyone, and it's a great way to break up the stress and frustration of business travel. If you have a major meeting coming up, try relaxing by looking at these classic candies.

Good 2 Go: Grab quick, packaged sandwiches, snacks and drinks at this food stall when you're on your way to the next leg of your business trip.

Pennsylvania Market: Pennsylvania has a reputation for its local products, especially the ones from the Pennsylvania Dutch. Take the time to look at what they have available for items you can't get anywhere else, and consider getting a client gift too.

Terminal F

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Soundbalance: Did your favorite headphones break in-transit, or are they nowhere to be found? Stop by this headphone store, and get the perfect pair to drown out the noise of air travel so you're calm and collected for an upcoming trade show.

Stellar News: Newspapers, magazines, books and snacks can turn an economy flight into something bearable for your business trip.

XpressSpa: Give yourself a treat during a long layover at Philadelphia International Airport with these spa services. A massage is a perfect way to unwind once you're on the road and ready for a big client meeting.

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See something missing from the list above? Check out the Philadelphia International Airport Map to find what you’re looking for. Share your Philly airport tips and tricks in the comments below.