Top 8 Restaurants for Business Travelers in Madrid

When you're on business travel in Madrid, you need to find a great place to eat. If you're lucky, you'll also need a great place to take a client. Why not treat them to some of the best hotels, restaurants and activities in Madrid? Heed the tips in this Madrid travel guide to find the most memorable and business-friendly spots in the city.

1) Restaurante DiverXO

You may be familiar with Asian/American fusion restaurants, but you've probably never experienced an Asian/Spanish fusion restaurant like this before. Restaurante DiverXO's name is a pun on "diverso" ("diverse") and XO, a sauce commonly used in Chinese cuisine. DiverXO has a broad range of offerings, each of which brings new flavors to old Spanish and Chinese favorites. How about some partridge toast? Or maybe you'd prefer baby eel broth? Don't knock it -- critics rave about DiverXO. If you're here for Madrid bleisure, you owe it to yourself to check out this unusual venue.

2) Los Montes de Galicia

Situated in Madrid's Salamanca district, los Montes de Galicia is a restaurant with amazing food and even better service. The restaurant has an ultra-modern atmosphere and serves traditional Galician food -- which, if you're not from Spain, is very like Spanish cuisine with a regional twist. Los Montes de Galicia is also open late at night, so even if your Madrid business meeting happens very late, you should be able to get seats and food at los Montes de Galicia until midnight. Be sure to check out the restaurant's extensive menu of local wines and champagnes!

3) Restaurante Santceloni

Restaurante Santceloni is a high-end restaurant that specializes in traditional Iberian cuisine. Many of the food items border on French cuisine, with items like tasty petit fours. Like many Spanish restaurants, it's open late (until 11 p.m.), so even if your client meeting in Madrid is running late, you can find a place. Be sure to check out Restaurante Santceloni's wine menu, which is loaded with Spanish wines.


DSTAgE is a restaurant with dishes so eloquently composed some reviewers have compared it to poetry. It draws culinary notes from around the world, from Spain to Japan to France to the U.S., and brings them together into unified dishes. Reviewers praise the chefs' creativity and the warmth and helpfulness of DSTAgE's staff. The atmosphere is hip and modern, with exposed brick walls and modern art.

5) Algarabia

Located in the Palacio district, Algarabia is open until late and serves quality Castilian dishes. Believe it or not, the restaurant is a small family operation but serves excellent, beautifully plated dishes that would be welcome at any four-star establishment. Unfortunately, reviewers say Algarabia is not great for groups, likely due to its small size -- so it's a better place to bring a single business associate for a one-on-one client meeting in Madrid. Be sure to try the suckling pig!

6) Restaurante Viridiana

Restaurante Viridiana serves Spanish food with a modern twist. The staff is bilingual, so don't worry about bringing your Pimsleur book along. The building has a cozy, friendly feel, and while it's a little on the pricey side, Restaurante Viridiana's reviewers agree that you get what you pay for, and it's one of the best ways to experience the colorful local cuisine. Be sure to make reservations for your business meeting in Madrid -- this place books up fast.

7) Ramon Freixa

Ramon Freixa is situated in the heart of the Salamanca district. The restaurant specializes in excellent signature cuisine, which reviewers cite as being creative and unusual but still delicious. But what sets Ramon Freixa apart from the competition is the entire aesthetic experience: The establishment itself is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and servers place special pride in plating all dishes with elegance.

8) La Capilla de la Bolsa

In the very heart of Madrid, la Capilla de la Bolsa ("the purse's chapel," oddly enough) is an unusual restaurant where each room has a unique look and feel. The food runs the gamut from traditional Spanish fare to modern European and Mediterranean cuisine. La Capilla de la Bolsa is open until late, so show up until 11:30 p.m. to sample some of the best Spanish cuisine and local wines at a location that can't be beat.

This is an encyclopedic guide to Madrid's best restaurants, but it always pays to get a little extra help. Reach out to the @Visita_Madrid Twitter account, and they'll help you find exactly what you're looking for in the city.

When you're traveling on business in Madrid, where do you like to wine and dine? Let us know by commenting below.