How to Spend Time at Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Are you a business traveler who is planning a trip to or through Shanghai? If so, you'll be spending time at Shanghai Pudong International Airport PVG. Spending time at the airport doesn't have to be a hassle if you know what there is to do in the airport. Here's a list of the best activities to do in Shanghai Pudong International Airport, broken down by terminal.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of Shanghai Airport is the older of the two terminals and it has less in the way of facilities than Terminal 2. However, this doesn't mean that hanging out there has to be a bore.

Shop tax-free. In the departure area of Terminal 1, you can shop in the Duty Free area as long as you are departing on an international flight. Goods like liquor, perfume and makeup are often cheaper to buy in duty-free than at home, so go ahead and pick up some gifts for your friends, family and even yourself.

Lounge around. When you get tired of shopping at the duty-free stores, there are two VIP lounges that you can visit in Terminal 1: First Class Lounge No. 37 and First Class Lounge No. 9. These lounges can be accessed with a Priority Pass membership (available through many credit cards) or by buying a day pass. Both lounges feature comfortable furniture, free tea and other beverages and WiFi so you can work on your laptop. The lounge attendants can help you find your airplane gate and answer any other questions you have.

Eat up. If you get hungry, you can eat Chinese food at several cafes located airside. There is also one Korean restaurant and a Starbucks for your coffee fix.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport is newer than Terminal 1 and has many more activities than the first terminal.

Get some sleep. If you've been traveling for hours and need a rest, there is a hotel in Terminal 2 where you can go to catch some sleep. T2 Max VIP Hourly Lounge allows you to rent a room by the hour in order to take a nap.

Take some photos. In the departure hall of Terminal 2, there is a photo booth that you can use to take some fun pictures with your traveling partners or take a passport photo if needed.

Go boutique shopping. In addition to the usual duty-free stores, Terminal 2 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport has some high-end boutiques like Anna Sui, Celine and Adidas.

Do business. Do you have any emails to write or faxes to send? Both Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 of Shanghai Pudong International Airport have business centers located landside, in the Departure Hall. There you can finish off any business tasks before you jump on your next flight.

Lounge first class. There are five lounges in Terminal 2 that can be accessed with a Priority Pass membership (available through many credit cards) or by purchasing a day pass. There are also VIP lounges that you can enter if you are flying in a premium class with various airlines like Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Japan Airlines. Some of these lounges feature premium dining and even spa services.

Have you recently traveled through Shanghai International Airport? Share your business travel tips and tricks in the comments below!