Top Things to Do at Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City (SLC) International Airport isn't a particularly well-known airport, but that doesn't mean that there is nothing going on in the terminals. If you are a business traveler who finds yourself routing through Salt Lake City, you don't need to worry about finding things to do between flights. Here is a list of the best activities in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and the International Terminal to occupy your time while you wait:

Things to Do in SLC Terminal 1

Visit a brewery. The Gordon Biersch Brewery has an establishment in the Salt Lake City Airport, and what better way to while away an hour or two with a colleague than tasting some of the brewery's freshly made craft beers?

Check out the views. Not every airport has views of a majestic Rocky Mountain range, but Salt Lake City does. The Wasatch Mountains are located to the east of the airport, and there are views from many windows throughout the airport.

Treat yourself to a pedicure to feel extra sharp for your next presentation. The XpressSpa is located on Concourse B in Terminal 1.

Buy some souvenirs for colleagues back at the office. Even if you are just passing through the airport, you may want to visit Utah!, a store dedicated to all things Utah. In this shop, you can find hiking maps, ski resort sweatshirts, postcards and a host of other gift items celebrating this mountainous state.

Things to Do in SLC Terminal 2

Gaze at unique art. The Salt Lake City International Airport houses an art collection that is on display throughout the airport. The best places to view these artworks is on the connectors between Terminal 1 and 2.

Enjoy a soothing massage after a day of making presentations. This XpressSpa is located between Concourse C and D in Terminal 2.

Stock up on business books. Located in Concourse C, Simply Books is a bookstore where you can find plenty of scintillating reading material to entertain you on your next flight.

Buy moisturizer so you look refreshed at your next meeting. The Kiehl's store on Concourse D features an array of skin creams, toners and oils that will have you looking fresh as a daisy when you step off the plane at your next destination. You can also stock up on samples, which are easy to travel with.

Go wine tasting. Unwind with a colleague after a successful business trip at Vino Volo on Concourse E. Vino Volo serves a variety of delicious wines, which you can pair with gourmet small plates for the perfect meal before your flight.

Pack provisions for the next leg of your trip. Cat Cora's Gourmet Market features packaged cold cuts, cheeses, salads and crackers that you can take with you in case the airplane meal isn't to your liking.

International Terminal

Sip on spirits. The High West Distillery is a craft whiskey producer with a tasting area in Concourse E of the International Terminal. Choose from a variety of different small-batch whiskeys, and savor them while you wait for your flight.

Exchange some bills. Change some money so you can spend your time at your destination working instead of visiting the bank. There is a Foreign Currency Exchange located in Concourse D near the International Terminal.

Fuel up on coffee. Stop by the Starbucks in Concourse E of the International Terminal so can power through a few more emails.

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