Get The Most Out of Your Work Trip with our Sydney Airport Guide

If your business trip takes you to The Harbour City, you'll enjoy a feast for the senses. From working lunches at Darling Harbour to post-presentation relaxation on Bondi Beach, the city makes business travel delightful. If you have but a layover at SYD, you can still get a taste of Sydney thanks to the well-appointed Sydney Airport Terminals. The large international airport has three separate terminals, and each one makes it possible for you to relax or remain productive in between legs of your journey. Free Wi-Fi is provided by the airport in Terminals 1 and 2.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 is the international terminal at SYD, making it perhaps the most bustling section of the airport. You'll find 25 gates servicing flights for airlines including Qantas, Air New Zealand and Emirates. If your layover at the Sydney Airport finds you in Terminal 1, you'll be pleased with the selection of amenities that are ideal for professionals who want to remain productive and well-fueled. Some of the available things to do in the recently renovated T1 include:

Spend time in one of the airline lounges where you can grab a cocktail while you catch up on emails.

Enjoy a few minutes of respite after a long flight in the prayer room.

Visit the duty-free designers shops where you can pick up a client gift or new watch.

Go to Hero Sushi and refuel before jetting off to your next meeting.

Stop by the Tourist Refund Scheme desk to find out if you qualify for a refund on any of the things you purchased while in the country.

Terminal 2

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T2 handles domestic flights, so if you have a transfer to Melbourne or Brisbane, you may find yourself spending a layover here. While it's smaller than T1, you can remain well-fed and connected to the internet while you wait for your flight to board. Jetstar and Virgin Australia are two of the main airlines operating out of T2. Things to do as a business traveler:

Grab a caffeine fix at Veloce Espresso before you take a conference call.

Visit the tech2Go and pick up a new pair of earbuds or other laptop accessories so you can stay productive.

Get some quick shut-eye at the Regional Express Lounge as a reward for finishing your presentation deck.

Stop by Sportscraft to pick up a new piece of professional attire for the extra meeting you just found out about.

Terminal 3

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Terminal 3 is also a domestic terminal, used exclusively by Qantas. If you land in Australia on this carrier and are going on to another domestic location, your journey is likely to take you from T1 to T3. Take advantage of the Qantas Seamless Transfer to navigate your way between gates easily. Amenities in T3 that make business travel easier include:

Travelex Currency Exchange where you can get local Australian dollars so you're ready to tip your taxi at your destination

The Australian Way shop for picking up a new polo or other locally made product

A Trader Convenience Store where you can grab the daily paper

Wok on Air for grabbing a comforting bowl of noodles before jumping on an evening flight

Webpoint internet access throughout the terminal, provided by Qantas

What airport tips or tricks do you have? Share your advice in the comments below!