Tampa International Airport: A Business Traveler's Guide

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is familiar to anyone who visits the Florida city on a business trip or layover. You may not know that it has many useful services and amenities that make it a business-friendly airport. The airport is known for its unusual layout, whereby passengers are transported between its four terminals (known as airsides) via people movers.

Airside A

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Pei Wei. Looking for a restaurant to share a meal with colleagues during your Tampa International Airport layover? Asian eatery Pei Wei is one of the most popular food options when visiting Tampa for business. The menu includes noodles, sushi and a selection of desserts.

Bay Coffee and Tea Company. Traveling with a client who always likes to eat and drink organic? They'll be happy with a visit to Bay Coffee and Tea Company, which offers coffee made from organic roasters. The company also supports local artists and community projects with regular events at their locations around the Tampa area.

ATM. There are ATM cash points in each of the airsides, including opposite T9 in Airside A. It's important to always carry cash during a business trip to Tampa as you may need it to tip a driver or wait staff or to pay for food and drink during a client meeting.

Airside C

Fit Life Foods. It's important to stay healthy as a business traveler, as the long journeys can be tiring and stressful and you want to keep your energy up for your meetings in Tampa. Therefore you should check out the healthy and tasty food at Fit Life Foods, such as their stir fry, mini pizzas and sweet potato pancakes.

NewsLink. Every business traveler needs to stay up to date on events in their industry and the world at large. Therefore, there is a good range of newspapers and magazines available at the NewsLink concession in Airside C. You can also pick up drinks and snacks to take onto the plane.

Starbucks. Not only can you refuel with a coffee and a snack at Starbucks, but you can also recharge your phone or laptop and take the chance to check your emails or work on important documents ahead of your meetings in Tampa.

Airside E

Walking Route. If you have time to spare during your layover in Tampa International Airport, walking route maps are available on the airport website. Walking rather than taking the shuttle will keep you energized and awake ahead of an important client meeting in Tampa.

Duty-Free Shop. A Tampa airport layover is a great time to pick up some bargains to take home to your family, friends and colleagues from the duty-free shop at Airside E. The products available include liquor, fragrance, gifts and confectionery.

Four Green Fields Looking for a place to grab a drink with your colleagues or clients during a layover in Tampa International Airport? Irish-themed bar Four Green Fields is ideal. It serves Irish food such as potato leek soup and Celtic eggs, plus a wide choice of beers.

Airside F

Currency Exchange - ATM. If the next stop after your business trip to Tampa takes you outside of the US, you're going to want to pick up some local currency. There's no need to go out of your way to do this, as there is an ATM offering foreign currency at Airside F, Tampa's international airside.

Swarovski. An unfortunate part of business travel is that your loved ones usually can't join you on your trip. However, you can still bring them back something special from your business trip to Tampa, such as Swarovski jewelry or accessories from the concession at Airside F.

Yogurtology. After an exhausting business trip, sometimes all you want is a sweet treat. Head to Yogurtology at Airside F for frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors including banana, blueberry, chocolate and more.

Have you traveled through Tampa International on business? Share your airport recommendations in the comments below.