Top 26 Fintech Companies in the U.S. to Watch This Year

There are big changes happening right now in nearly every industry in the United States, and the American financial services industry is no exception. A major force motivating these industry changes has to do with new customer expectations being set by Amazon, Apple, Google and the like. In order to survive, financial players must think about how they can adapt to their customers.

It's not just traditional banks making up today's financial industry. Now with so many new players coming on the scene, we're seeing the rise of financial technology, which reflects "any business that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes."

New fintech businesses are shaking things up in exciting ways. When other tech companies are innovating to better meet and exceed customer expectations, it's worth taking note.

That's why we assembled this list of up-and-coming fintech companies that should be on your radar.

1) Axoni

Company Mission Statement: Axoni was founded in 2013 with the goal of overhauling global capital markets infrastructure. That vision has become a reality through intensive technology development and deep collaboration with the world's leading financial institutions.

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2) Ayasdi

Company Mission Statement: Symphony AyasdiAI solutions use groundbreaking machine learning to transform the way you spot opportunities, threats, and inefficiencies, by extracting insights from your existing data, with unprecedented accuracy, speed, and transparency. So you can cut costs, reduce waste, capture new revenue, and avoid risk.

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3) Better Mortgage

Company Mission Statement: We're making homeownership simpler, faster --- and most importantly, more accessible for all Americans.

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4) Betterment

Company Mission Statement: Financial institutions should work harder for you. For everyone. That's why we started Betterment a decade ago, and it's why we haven't stopped working for you ever since.

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5) BitGo

Company Mission Statement: Our mission is to deliver trust in digital assets. For institutional investors to participate in the digital asset market, they need services and solutions they can trust. BitGo eliminates risk and increases transparency in the digital asset markets by providing the most secure and compliant custodial and liquidity solutions.

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6) Bolt

Company Mission Statement: Concept-stage venture capital for great entrepreneurs building exceptional companies. Bolt is a pre-seed venture capital firm. Often writing founders their first check, Bolt focuses on pre-seed, pre-product companies.

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7) Cadre Technology

Company Mission Statement: Cadre was formed by warehouse management and logistics experts with decades of experience in distribution technology. They joined together to build and deliver a powerful, unified suite of applications that integrate critical processes including order management, warehouse management, transportation management and financial management systems as well as advanced wireless communications, speech and remote computing technologies.

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8) Dataminr

Company Mission Statement: Dataminr is recognized as one of the world's leading AI businesses. Our clients are the first to know about high-impact events and emerging risks, so they can mitigate and manage crises and opportunities effectively. Around the clock and around the world, hundreds of enterprises and public sector organizations rely on our pioneering AI platform to help solve real-world problems.

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9) Dave

Company Mission Statement: To change people's lives by building approachable financial products.

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10) Earnin

Company Mission Statement: We believe paychecks should be instant, and financial systems should focus on people, not profits.

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11) Even Financial

Company Mission Statement: Connect your consumers to personalized products at the right time with the definitive search, comparison and recommendation engine for financial services.

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12) Fair

Company Mission Statement: Fair offers a forward-thinking alternative to traditional car ownership with an app that lets you shop, get approved and pay for your next car --- all on your phone.

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13) Flywire

Company Mission Statement: Flywire is the world's leading global payment platform. We remove boundaries by enabling the cross-border and domestic payment and receivables process through seamless transaction experiences and flexible solutions tailor-made for industries including healthcare, education, travel, and more.

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14) Forter

Company Mission Statement: Forter's integrated fraud prevention platform combines predictive fraud research and modeling, merchant input, and our global merchant network, so you can focus on growing your business without worry.

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15) Fundrise

Company Mission Statement: Fundrise is the first online investment platform to create a simple, low-cost way for anyone to unlock real estate's historically consistent and exceptional returns. We're on a mission to build the best investing experience ever by minimizing fees, improving long-term return potential, and unlocking access for everyone.

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16) Guideline

Company Mission Statement: Guideline is the only 401(k) provider that doesn't charge participants any fees on investments, regardless of the value of their assets or retirement account balance. And for employers, Guideline charges a low, flat rate fee per participant, in contrast to the asset-based fee model predominant in the industry.

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17) Handle Financial

Company Mission Statement: Our mobile-first technology platform enables thousands of businesses nationwide to accept all payment types in a single solution.

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18) Human Interest

Company Mission Statement: The 401(k) provider for small and medium-sized businesses.

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19) IEX

Company Mission Statement: IEX is known for its deep midpoint liquidity that allows investors to trade in size without moving the price. IEX executes the majority of its volume at the midpoint -- a far higher percentage than any other exchange.

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20) Kabbage

Company Mission Statement: Kabbage simplifies small business cash flow management with solutions that give you confidence in your next steps.

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21) Kasisto

Company Mission Statement: From simple retail transactions to the complex demands of corporate banks and wealth management, host meaningful digital interactions with KAI that help build your digital brand.

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22) LendKey

Company Mission Statement: LendKey is changing the way financial institutions do business through the market's most advanced lending platform and network. Hundreds of lenders and asset managers partner with LendKey to bring borrowers a powerful, white-labeled lending platform that has redefined Lending-as-a-Service. The solution gives financial institutions of all sizes the ability to attract new business, grow relationships, manage liquidity, and mitigate risk.

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23) MoneyLion

Company Mission Statement: The easiest way to save more, borrow for less and invest everyday. All in one app.

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24) Next Insurance

Company Mission Statement: Next Insurance was created to give your business the coverage it deserves. Simple, affordable and tailored. So no matter what you do, no matter how you define success, we're right there, next to you.

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25) PeerStreet

Company Mission Statement: PeerStreet is a first-of-its-kind online platform for investing in real estate debt. The platform represents a two-sided marketplace that, on one side, provides hassle-free access to an asset class that was previously inaccessible to individual investors: short-term, real estate backed loans. On the other side of the marketplace, PeerStreet connects a vetted network of private lenders with diverse sources of capital to help fuel their growth and bring lending back to their local communities. The company's vision is to align the interests of this ecosystem---from lenders and investors to borrowers and the local communities they represent.

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26) Roostify

Company Mission Statement: Roostify is a collection of forward-thinking minds dedicated to enhancing the lending experience for everyone involved in the home buying process. Inspired by the possibilities of transformation; fueled by the promise of collaboration. It's this spirit of partnership that sits at the heart of everything we do. For our customers, for your customers.

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