Toronto’s Top Restaurants for Business Travelers

Toronto is a city bustling with culture, arts, history and excitement. It's also a great destination for dining, which means business travelers to Toronto won't have any trouble finding a great spot for a business meal. If you're traveling to Toronto for business, the following restaurants are great choices for dining.

1. Cluny Bistro

If you're looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy a nice atmosphere with co-workers and colleagues, try Cluny Bistro. It's located in the Distillery District, one of Toronto's trendiest areas. The menu is French-inspired, with dishes such as frog legs and steak frites. It also has WiFi, so you can have a working lunch or dinner. Diners at Cluny Bistro recommend the roasted duck poutine for an authentic taste of Canada. You can make a reservation beforehand to ensure you get a table.

2. Canoe Restaurant

Sometimes, you just want to impress clients and colleagues when you're doing business travel. If that's the case on your business trip to Toronto, dine at Canoe, one of Toronto's swankiest dining destinations. The menu pays tribute to the people and landscape of Toronto. It has an outstanding selection of meat, seafood, sides and desserts. One of the best parts about Canoe is the private dining room, which you can book if you need a quiet space for a business meeting. Make a reservation for dining on the restaurant's website, or get in touch with the restaurant directly to reserve private space. Yelpers say that while you're there, you can pass up the foie gras s'mores.

3. Bloomer's

Bloomer's is a Toronto restaurant that serves up vegan food, so it's a great spot if you're traveling with coworkers who have dietary restrictions. Located close to Little Italy, Bloomer's has something for everyone -- including free WiFi so you can get work done. The menu features delights such as a tempeh Reubens and vegan mac and cheese -- which diners love. You don't need reservations to dine at Bloomer's.


It can be convenient to eat at your hotel during a business trip. If you're staying at the Ritz Carlton during your business trip to Toronto, try dining at TOCA, a nice restaurant that serves upscale, seasonal Italian cuisine. The menu offers dishes such as beef cheek, lobster, oysters and rib-eye with a berry sauce. TOCA offers three meals per day, and it has a great wine list if you want to share a bottle and de-stress from your busy work day. Everyone who dines there says not to miss the cheese course -- it's the restaurant's specialty. The restaurant doesn't offer WiFi, so it's a good place to go if you want to disconnect.

5. El Trompo

For an authentic taste of ethnic culture in Toronto, eat at El Trompo, one of the most beloved restaurants inside Kensington Market. The restaurant serves up authentic tacos with a wide range of fillings, including chorizo, pork, beef, mushrooms and more. The price is right at El Trompo if you're looking for cheap eats on your business trip to Toronto. It's also a great place to eat if you want to see more of the city, since it's located in the fascinating, thriving district of Kensington Market, which is packed with indie shops, artist boutiques and ethnic restaurants. Reviewers of El Trompo say the food is great -- and so is the service!

Where do you like to take clients out to eat in Toronto? Share your best business-friendly restaurant recommendations in the comments below.