Traveling To and From Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Business

As a business traveler, you likely spend a lot of time in airports. Thankfully, modern airports like Haneda (HND) have lots of things to do and plenty of services to make these expansive buildings almost like miniature cities. Haneda Airport offers everything you need to keep up with work and relax between meetings. Each terminal offers its own unique set of dining and shopping options, many in public areas of the airport where you can set up client meetings while in Tokyo.

Exploring Terminal 1

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Along with departure gates for Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, Japan Transocean Air and Star Flyer, there are plenty of other conveniences in Terminal 1. Be sure to bring your wallet to explore the shopping center which is home to major department stores like Takashimaya, Mitsukoshi and Wako. Here, you can grab last-minute gifts or any items you might have forgotten to pack. A missing charger or incompatible plug could leave you dealing with a major problem when on a business trip to Tokyo. Also, if you need to grab a change of clothes for a last minute meeting, you'll have plenty of options.

What's in Terminal 2

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Like Terminal 1, Terminal 2 is also for domestic travel. Terminal 2 was built in 2004, and most departure gates are slated for All Nippon Airways. It is also home to five floors of shopping, but instead of department stores, look for top name brands and designer goods. Cartier, Ferragamo and Omega all have storefronts in Terminal 2.

If you need to entertain a business client during your trip, there are also several restaurants on the top floor that serve up excellent food and a great view. For a relaxed atmosphere and a great place to hammer out contract details, check out the Scenic Cafe MMC. Just make sure to get indoor seating, so the sound of planes taking off doesn't cut into the conversation.

The International Terminal

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If you're arriving in Tokyo from out of the country or heading overseas for business, you'll have everything you need right in the Haneda International terminal. There are 31 different stores that let you shop for everything from batteries to high-end accessories, all without any added taxes.

You can also stop for a bite at any one of the 39 restaurants that serve the international terminal. Enjoy Japanese, Chinese or European flavors, grab a snack or top up your coffee. The Edo Marketplace lets you experience some of the local culture and flavor without ever leaving HND.

Fun and Relaxation at Haneda Airport

If you head up to the fifth floor, you'll find Tokyo Pop Town, a planetarium and several observation decks. The fourth floor has several lounges where you can rest away from the hustle and bustle of departing passengers. Information centers, ATMs and restrooms are available in every terminal.

If you need a business center or a place to change when visiting Tokyo for business, head over to one of the hotels attached to HND. Royal Park Hotel The Haneda connects directly to the international terminal and offers rooms, meetings spaces, restaurants and other services you might need. If you're flying domestic, the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu connects to Terminal 2. It also has plenty of food options and places for you to host meetings or set up client conferences.

Haneda Airport has virtually everything you could need for a short Tokyo layover or even a longer stay. Hotels, entertainment, food, shopping and more are all available both before and after security.

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