Václav Havel Airport Prague: Things to Do

Václav Havel Airport (PRG) is the business travel hub of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The airport contains four separate terminals; however, only terminals 1 and 2 offer services to the general public. Without further ado, here are your best business travel tips on what to do in Václav Havel Airport Prague:

Terminal 1

The first terminal in Václav Havel Airport receives all of the airport's transcontinental flights and is home to many enticing attractions to visit on your business trip or layover.

Rancheros Restaurant

Unexpected cuisine from half the world away is exactly what we have in Rancheros Restaurant. Located near Pier B, Rancheros serves health-conscious variations of iconic Mexican dishes. Perfect for anyone looking for a bit of spice on their business trip to Prague, Rancheros offers a fresh take on classic cuisine.

Starbucks Coffee

If you have a layover in Václav Havel Airport Prague and you're looking for a safe, reliable cup of coffee, then look no further. Terminal one is home to one of the most-recognizable coffee chains on the global market: Starbucks Coffee. The shop offers free Václav Havel Airport Prague Wi-Fi to customers, along with a familiar place to stop and recharge before you get back to your business travels.

Blue Praha

Blue Praha offers a unique service to potential shoppers: artisanal, Czech handmade glass. If you're looking for quality, unique gifts or simply something to take home from your business trip, Blue Praha's products are one of a kind and make an interesting attraction to visit during your Václav Havel Airport Prague layover. The shop also stocks general goods, including coffee mugs, sculptures and smaller souvenirs.

Prague Duty-Free Express

There's something about a duty-free shop that makes an airport seem more legitimate. Prague Duty-Free Express offers anything a traveler could need or want for their business trip, including perfumes, electronics, clothing, cosmetics and much more. Stop here for your general travel needs or browsing to kill some time.

Terminal 2

Václav Havel Airport's second terminal manages all flights to and from the Prague airport within the European Union. This terminal is more domestic than terminal one, but it still has plenty to offer you.

Bohemia Deli

A classic Czech-style deli, Bohemia Deli offers some of the best food in the entire PRG airport, let alone terminal two. This deli offers everything from traditional sausages to famous Czech beers. If you're looking for classic Czech foods and spirits to try before your meetings in Prague, look no further.

Prague Chocolate

A great gift shop for any business traveler, Prague Chocolate sells high-quality chocolates inspired by Czech traditions. The shop offers luxury goods that aren't only a pleasure to browse but also make excellent, business-friendly gifts for your client meeting in Prague.

Relay Virgin

Virgin is a general shop hosted by Relay and located near Pier D. The shop sells standard goods that can help pass the time in your layover in Prague. The stock includes books, magazines, DVDs, refreshments and other important travel accessories that can help make your business trip to Prague easier.

Raiffeisenbank Lounge

Lounges are a necessity for the business traveler. Raiffeisenbank Lounge serves as a respite from the usual humdrum of the airport, offering television, WiFi, newspapers, free refreshments, and perhaps most importantly, privacy. When you get weary when visiting Prague for business, Raiffeisenbank Lounge is the perfect place to stop and rest.

When you book business travel plans, you should always consider more than just flights and hotels for your travel needs. Václav Havel Airport can offer you many interesting attractions and relaxing ways to spend your layover in Prague.

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