Wine & Dine on Business in Milan

Milan is the fashion capital of the world. When you get there, you'll see and feel it all around you -- even in the restaurants. For that reason, there's no shortage of places to dine in the city when you travel there for business. Milan business travelers will find a huge range of options to choose from when it comes to deciding where to have business meals -- from casual eateries to luxury dining establishments that will wow clients. Here are a few of the best restaurants for business travels in Milan and what you can expect to experience at each of them.

Terrazza Gallia

Sometimes it's easiest on a business trip to eat at the hotel where you (or clients/colleagues) are staying. If that's what you'd like to do on your business trip to Milan, consider staying at Excelsior Hotel Gallia and eating at the stunning rooftop restaurant there, Terrazza Gallia. Terrazza Gallia is brand new, but it's headed by a team of three-starred Michelin chefs. It's also getting rave reviews on the cocktails, cuisine and atmosphere. Choose Terrazza Gallia if you want to impress diners with the location of the meal or if you are looking for top-notch cuisine. The restaurant has private rooms that you can reserve if you want more privacy for your meeting, and it also takes reservations, so you can make sure that you get in without waiting.

Glufree Bakery

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Nobody wants to go to Milan on a business trip and not be able to eat pasta or bread. However, it can be really difficult for people who can't eat gluten to find good food when they're in Italy. If you have someone in your group that can't eat gluten, then check out Glufree Bakery, often lauded as one of the best gluten-free bakeries in the world. The bakery has breakfast, coffee, baked goods and a delicatessen, which serves up sandwiches, pizzas, focaccia and more (they even have lactose-free foods!). Glufree closes for dinner, but it has free Wi-Fi, so it's a good spot to pick if you want to have a working business lunch.

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If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience in Milan, then book a table at Seta. Seta received two Michelin stars for its standout contemporary twist on Italian food, and it has an open kitchen, which gives diners the chance to watch the chefs cook. Take diners to Seta if you want to wow them -- the scenery, spectacle and skills of the chefs will give them with a dining experience they'll never forget. Yelpers love the restaurant; most give it five stars and say they can't find one complaint to make. You can make reservations in advance to save a table at Seta.

Osteria Vecchia Lira

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Located in the heart of Milan is Osteria Vecchia Lira, an affordable, old-school-style Italian restaurant that specializes in hosting business dinners and events. The restaurant is a great way to get a feel for the city if you're traveling to Milan for business, and it's a great spot to host a larger function or meeting for anyone on your business trip. If you want to add entertainment into the mix, that's possible here, too. The restaurant can host a cabaret and live music to make the spirit more festive. You can call the restaurant directly to reserve the space.

La Brasserie de Milan

Sometimes during a business trip to Milan, you need to find a space that's quiet enough for conversations and that has access to Wi-Fi so you can work. If that's what you're looking for, eat at La Brasserie de Milan, located in the Milan Marriott Hotel. The restaurant is well-suited for hosting business travelers, and people who have dined there say it's perfect for a quiet business lunch. This restaurant does not require reservations in order to get a table.

If you're planning to visit Milan for a business trip, it can be helpful to check out the dining scene in advance. That way, you make sure you end up eating at all of the right places. To learn more about restaurants in Milan, check out the Instagram account Ristoranti Milanesi. You can get insight into the best dishes and atmospheres across the town.

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