6 Best Places to Work Remotely While On Business in Chicago

If you're a business traveler in Chi-Town, you might have to put in some hours at your job during your stay. Maybe you need a Wi-Fi connection and a power outlet, or maybe you have an emergency client meeting in Chicago and need somewhere professional to be. The good news is Chicago is home to many spaces that will meet your needs.

Hashbrowns Cafe

Hashbrowns prides itself on being an experience, rather than just another Chicago cafe. Patrons rave about its friendly feel, welcoming atmosphere and excellent food. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch all day and has a full menu of coffee and tea drinks. There are Wi-Fi and power outlets on-site, so feel free to settle in and work at either its Maxwell Street or its Wells and Division location.

River North Coworking Space

Most of the entries on this list are great places to settle down for a few hours and do some work in relative comfort. But if you're holding meetings in Chicago with an important client, you may need something a little more upscale. The River North Coworking Space offers exactly that: You can easily rent a conference room (or a desk with Wi-Fi) for an hour, a day or even a whole week. The space is decorated in a minimalist, modernist style and is located in the heart of Chicago's Downtown.

Cafe & Deli Ballou

Tucked away in Ukrainian Village is Cafe & Deli Ballou. This is one of Chicago's best places to work: It's open every day except Monday, through what amount to standard business hours for most people. This Chicago coffee shop serves hearty breakfasts all day, along with a full menu of coffee drinks. Settle in to charge your device, use the free Wi-Fi, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

111 West Jackson

This Chicago coworking space is conveniently located in the city's Business District. It's near bus, El and Metra stops, so it's easy to travel from this location even without a vehicle. Parking, coffee, printing and Wi-Fi are all included in the daily package. Rent a desk for a day, or a six- or 12-person conference room.

Chicago Wireless Internet Zones

To make the city more friendly for business travel, Chicago has implemented several Wireless Internet Zones throughout the city. Many of these are also at locations with outlets and other amenities. Plug in your laptop and enjoy the quiet of one of Chicago's 79 public libraries, or work outside in the Windy City's summer sunshine at Millennium Park.

The Chicago Design Museum

Looking for something a little different? The Chicago Design Museum rents shared office space out to business travelers. There is food, drink and other amenities in the building, and the building is conveniently located to both Red and Blue Line El stops.

What Chicago work spots are missing from this list? Share your recommendations to fellow business travelers below!