Calendly Review: Make Scheduling Easier for Free

Thanks to technology, managing your schedule online has never been easier. There are tons of tech tools you can access when you're on the move (so long as you're connected to WiFi), which can help ensure you never miss a meeting or double-book an appointment.

One of the most popular free SaaS options for scheduling is Calendly.

Calendly helps simplify the scheduling process by providing a platform to coordinate calendars and set up meetings with other users online. When you use Calendly for scheduling, you can skip lengthy email chains and games of phone tag, and simply set up your multi person events by sharing a custom link.

Read on to learn more about what Calendly is, what we love about it, and why we recommend it for anyone looking to spend less time scheduling meetings.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a free online scheduling tool that helps people rethink the way they set meetings and appointments. Rather than rely on email exchanges or phone calls to schedule events, people can use Calendly to share a digital link that contains available meeting times. Users choose a slot that is mutually convenient, and then meetings are automatically added to calendars---without any need for human intervention.

How is Calendly Used?

Professionals use Calendly to set up events, set scheduling parameters and rules, then designate available time slots. They then share a link to their event with the people they are trying to schedule with, and those people choose a time that works. Calendly confirms the meeting for all parties involved and adds it to their calendars. Plus, it ensures no event is double booked, and sets reminders to keep meeting attendees on track.

Calendly can integrate with other popular programs and apps, like Salesforce, Zapier, Zoom, PayPal, and more, so you can automate multiple business-related tasks while setting up appointments. Take a peek at all of the latest Calendly integrations to discover which automations may benefit your growing business.

Why Does Calendly Exist?

Calendly exists to reduce the complexity of scheduling meetings. It allows busy professionals to cut down on the amount of time they have to spend exchanging emails, so they can focus their energy and attention on more important work-related tasks.

Who Uses Calendly?

Calendly is a tool that can be used within departments and teams at one company, so groups can pick meeting times that work for every necessary party. It can also work for individual professionals who regularly schedule appointments as part of their business practice (like sales reps, lawyers, execs, and more). Calendly is simple to use and helpful for anyone with a busy schedule who doesn't want to worry about the time consuming scheduling process.

What We Love about Calendly

There's a lot to love about Calendly, especially because it helps us save time and energy. Some of the other best aspects of Calendly include:

Fewer emails. According to recent research published in Harvard Business Review, the average full-time worker in America spends more than 2.6 hours answering emails every single day. Cut down on the number of emails in your inbox and save time by scheduling over an online platform and not via back-and-forth messages.

Numerous integrations for automation. Calendly works for scheduling, but it also integrates with other software and platforms to help you accomplish other business tasks simultaneously. Accept payments via Stripe or PayPal, create video meeting links with Zoom, and add meetings to Google calendars with Calendly Integrations (and much, much more). The more you can automate with Calendly, the more time and energy you save.

Scheduling rules. Get specific about how you schedule meetings by setting rules and parameters when you're sharing a scheduling link. Make sure you have enough time between appointments or avoid booking events back-to-back.

Free version. The basic version of Calendly is free, and it's relatively powerful. This makes it a budget-friendly option for anyone who needs help with scheduling.

How Calendly Could Be Improved

Calendly's a powerful tool that we love using, but there are some ways the program could improve. Some ways Calendly could be better include:

More flexible group scheduling options. We think Calendly could be more useful for teams or companies if they expanded group scheduling options. For example, it would be helpful to allow users to set up a meeting with some people in a group, but not require that everyone be there (or available).

Incorporating branded content. For companies and organizations, it could be useful to have branded Calendly pages, so they could send links to clients and customers with pages that look like they came from the company itself. This would mean being able to integrate graphics, typeface, colors and more onto Calendly pages.

Check Out Calendly Reviews

Calendly currently has over 2 million monthly active users, and some of those have created useful reviews online. Read about other people's experience with the service at the following links:

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Try Out Calendly

If you want to check out Calendly for yourself, visit the product's website: Calendly. You can see a complete list of integrations, descriptions of all the platforms features, watch video tutorials, and read even more on the Calendly Blog to ensure you're using the software in the most powerful and effective ways possible.

Then, download the tool for free, and see if it helps make your scheduling process better. If Calendly works for you, you can consider whether you want to keep using the free tool or upgrade to a more comprehensive, powerful version of the scheduling software.

Have you used Calendly to help schedule meetings? What did you like about it or dislike about it? Would you recommend it to people in your network? Let us know about your Calendly experience in the comments below.