Lever Review: Streamline the Hiring Process and Build Better Teams

Recruiting and hiring new talent at an organization can be challenging, whether you're a startup or a large, established company. The process is usually lengthy and requires multiple critical steps. It also calls for the involvement of numerous teams or departments. To make the task simpler and more streamlined, consider using a digital tool like Lever. Lever is a platform that allows you to manage the recruitment, nurturing, interviewing, and hiring of candidates all in one place.

When you adopt Lever, you have a central resource that everyone at your organization can turn to when they need to add new people to their teams. The software allows departments outside of HR to become more easily involved with hiring. It also helps make sure that no step in the hiring process is overlooked and no candidate is forgotten.

Check our Lever review to see what we learned using the platform and gauge whether Lever might be the tool you need to help improve hiring at your organization.

What is Lever?

Lever is a comprehensive software solution to improve the hiring process. The platform has a talent suite that has four different sections to help with the recruitment and hiring process. Each offers a range of tools to cover every part of recruiting and hiring talent, from sourcing candidates to hiring to rediscovery, and beyond. The components include:

Lever Hire

With Lever Hire, you can source candidates, invite them for interviews, keep a database of talent, and easily schedule interviews.

Lever Nurture

Users can automate the process of attracting top talent with Lever Nurture. Hone in on previous candidates that would be a good fit, then send personalized email campaigns and track your results.

Lever Analytics

People use Lever Analytics to track recruiting metrics and look at detailed reports to see what they're doing right and what's not working. Sync Lever Analytics with other BI tools for complex visualizations of data and numbers.

Talent Cloud Connect

Rely on the power of the cloud with Talent Cloud Connect---which allows everyone involved in the hiring process can easily access the platform via the cloud, no matter where they're working.

How is Lever Used?

This cloud-based platform used by hiring managers to attract candidates, manage interview and hiring, track applicant status, and analyze their hiring process so they can refine and improve it over time. The platform has features that allow you to automate nurture campaigns so you can easily build interest in your company or positions. It provides you with a place to manage and track your hiring to-do list, so there's no step or candidate that you overlook.

Also, it has built-in analytical tools and reporting capability. This allows you to gauge how your recruitment efforts are working, then tweak them over time.

Why Does Lever Exist?

Recruiting at an organization should never happen in a silo. That's why Lever exists. When the hiring process is centralized to one place that everyone at a company can access, recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers, and HR team members can collaborate to bring in the best talent available. Growing a company by expanding can be tough. However, when the process of bringing new people is centralized, it's easier and more convenient, fostering better collaboration and better results.

As an organization, Lever in 2012 has three core values: collaboration, transparency, and humanity. By keeping these ideals in mind during the process of creating the platform, they were able to come up with a recruiting platform that benefits both the companies that are trying to grow, and the new people they are bringing onboard.

Who Uses Lever?

This multifaceted tool is useful for many people who are involved in the recruitment and hiring process. Lever users include HR teams, hiring managers, recruiters, talent sourcers, startup founders, and more. Some real world users of Lever include:

Tim Fletcher, the CEO of Stride (a customer data platform), who chose to use Lever for hiring and recruiting as his company grew. Fletcher wanted his team to focus on building their product and not finding new talent, and he also wanted help finding the right new people to fit in his organization. Stride did just that for him.

The Head of Global Talent Acquisition for Bazaarvoice, Graham Pionkowski, also decided to adopt Lever to help the expansion of the company where he worked. Pionkowski chose Lever because he realized it would encourage company-wide adoption of one unified hiring and recruiting tool. By getting the entire company onboard with one shared solution, he could streamline the recruitment process and make it easier for teams to collaborate within and between different departments.

Ultimately, anyone who has a hand in the process of hiring candidates at an organization---from recruiters to execs to department heads---may find the platform useful.

What We Love about Lever

We think Lever is a SaaS solution that is invaluable for recruitment and hiring. It has lots of features that set it apart from other options, including:

Cloud-based component: Since Lever is based in the cloud, it's easy to use for anyone to use, whether you're a user team leader looking for a new employee or a hiring manager in HR. You can access the platform wherever there is an internet connection, so it's easy to see the status of a job or opening whether you're stationed at your office or checking on-the-go.

Multiple user tiers: There are three tiers of Lever: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. So, users can pick the level that works for their budget and meets their needs. They don't have to spend on a product that is not robust enough or one that has functionality they'll never use.

Powerful analytics: Even if you end up with a great hire, it can be hard for HR team members or hiring managers to really understand what went right with the hiring process. Lever's powerful analytics and reporting tools can help the people in charge of hiring understand what worked well in their process. It can show show the data behind the process in a clear chart or graph, so it can be visualized, codified, and repeated.

How Lever Could Be Improved

Lever is an excellent product, and it's helped our company's hiring process immensely. If we were to improve anything about the tool, we would first create a dedicated mobile app. Lever is based in the cloud so you can use it wherever you can connect to the Internet. Unfortunately, though, you must use it from a web browser, because the platform does not have a mobile app. Creating a mobile app would make it easier to ensure full functionality for people accessing the tool on their smart device.

We'd also increase the amount of customization users could control in postings. Some users of Lever complain that job posts are generated via fields you fill in. There are some fields you can't remove or relabel. It could be helpful to let companies completely personalize their posts, beyond writing the job description. This ensures they are tailored to the specific role or organization.

Check Out Lever Reviews

If you want a genuine, honest Lever review, it can help to see what people are posting about the platform online. We've compiled some helpful reviews that bloggers, tech writers, and real users of Lever have written to give you some insight into what it's actually like to use the tool.

  1. Aline Lerner: Aline Lerner is the CEO of Interviewing.io, a company that created a tool for anonymous interviewing and hiring. She was also named to FastCompany's list of 100 Most Creative People. Lerner wrote a review of Lever and praised it as being one of the best applicant tracking systems available. She touted its ability to integrate with sites like LinkedIn. The main thing she'd like to see changed with the Lever setup process is that you have to speak to someone at the company to get it configured for your organization and can't just get it going on your own.

  2. Stacklist: A whole collection of reviews by startup founders are compiled on Stacklist. In general, the founders agree that it's easy to use and a really useful applicant tracking system. The biggest complaint is that it can be pricey for a company who is just starting to scale.

  3. Willem Wijnans: As a respected thought leader in the realm of hiring and company growth, Willem Wijnans provides consulting services and has a lot of experience working with various hiring and recruitment tools. In his review of Lever, Wijnans praises the tool for its capacity to source talent. The more people involved in the sourcing process, the better. He also talks about its excellent UX. Wijnans has few complaints, but says he'd like a mobile app and for large corporations to be able to use it for posting available jobs on large free public job boards.

Try Out Lever

One of the best ways to know if Lever is the hiring and recruitment tool for you is to simply give it a try. Reach out to get a price quote from the company. The Lever team will discuss your needs with you and recommend which tier your company should use.

If you're not ready to sign up yourself, you can get a personalized demo put together by a Lever rep. Reach out to them via this online form to see what kind of demo might be best for you. Then, after you've experienced the demo, decide whether it's the right tool for your company or not.

Do you use Lever to help with recruiting? We want to hear how the platform has helped solve your hiring pain points in the comments below.