Thnks Review: Show Appreciation for Clients and Prospects

Thnks optimizes gratitude, with a suite of tools that allow you to say "thanks" to clients by giving a digital gift. There are no stamps. No stationary. No shipping fees. This web and mobile gifting app promotes more business growth by letting you stay in touch with your closest partners at various points in the sales cycle. Read on to find out more about the benefits and features of this gifting app.

What is Thnks?

Thnks is a direct mail automation app that makes it easy to stay in touch with customers and clients post-purchase. This app automates many of the workflows associated with follow-up --- checking in with clients, giving thanks, and upselling other products. With this program, you can strengthen business relationships, increase rapport, and maintain sales for years to come.

This gift app serves multiple purposes. When you give a thoughtful gesture to a customer or client, you increase retention. Recipients are far more likely to remember your organization when you show gratitude. You can also use this app to prospect more effectively and create deeper connections with leads. Send gifts to prospects so you can stand out from your rivals. 

You can even use this app to recognize your own employees for their hard work. If a particular member of staff has reached his or her sales targets for the month, for example, you can show your appreciation with a gift. 

Thnks is a platform that bridges the gap between end-of-purchase and follow-up. Sending thoughtful gestures will enable you to engage with customers and clients during this time so they don't forget about your brand. It can also encourage repeat purposes and improve brand loyalty. 

Star2Star Communications and Boomtown are two companies that use this app. Digital marketing platform Adroll Group says Thnks lets them "quantify the true impact that gratitude is having on our business."

Why Thnks Exists

Sending out gifts to clients and customers can be expensive. You have to send physical gifts in the mail, which can incur shipping and handling fees. Plus, depending on his or location, the recipient could be waiting weeks to receive your gift.

Direct mail automation apps like this streamline the gift-giving process after securing a sale or moving a prospect through your sales and marketing pipelines. There are no stamps or stationery to purchase, and you could save thousands of dollars a year in shipping fees.

How to Use Thnks

We found the Thnks gift app incredibly easy to use. There are three incarnations of the app: One for the web, one for Android, and one for iOS devices. You can download the Android or iOS app onto your phone in seconds.

The rest is just as simple. Choose from thousands of gifts (Starbucks coffee or Krispy Kreme donuts, for example), sync your contacts to the app, select a recipient, create a personalized message, and you're good to go.

For even more effective engagement, you can customize your gifts with your brand logo and name. This will improve brand recognition and loyalty. 

What to Love about Thnks

The Thnks app lets you track your gifts from the moment you send them. The latest analytics provide you with in-depth insights into your gifting activity, so you can find out when your recipient opened up your message, for example. 

We also love how this app integrates with other tools, such as CRM and expense systems. This will make it easier for you to give considerate gestures to clients in the future and track the entire process. You can integrate the app with Salesforce, for example, and import information about gifts.

Let's talk about pricing. We think it's great that there's no minimum monthly spend and three competitive pricing plans that will suit businesses of all types: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Pro suits most companies (those with 100 employees or less) and comes with custom branding and tracking capabilities and no monthly fees. Enterprise, on the other hand, offers all of that plus a dedicated account manager and analytics.

Thnks Chrome extension

The Chrome extension lets you send gifts to contacts in your Gmail in just a few seconds. You will receive real-time notifications when customers receive their digital gifts.

What Thnks Could Improve On 

The Pro and Enterprise plans have implementation fees. Offering new users discounts on these fees would be a good idea.

We'd also like to see more gifts in the future. There are a lot of food and drink items (liquor, wine, snacks, etc.), which won't suit every single customer. We think more "experiences," such as spa days or movie tickets, would be a great choice.

Thnks Alternatives

Alternatives to this app include Sendoso, which allows you to send digital gifts to recipients with a few clicks of a mouse or swipe of a finger. 

Gifted and WeGift are two other alternatives. Use these platforms to gift customers or reward your current employees. These SaaS-based recognition programs improve gratitude in your organization.

Thnks Reviews

This app currently holds a rating of 5/5 (based on 37 user reviews) on the App Store. One user on Twitter recommends this app for "all your special occasions and special people."

Final Verdict is a web and mobile app that improves engagement through gratitude. Whether you gift a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine, your recipient will receive the details within seconds, and you can track every part of the gift-giving process. Consider leveraging this app to boost your relationships with customers and clients before the follow-up stage in your marketing funnel.

Want to send personalized gifts to customers at the end of your sales cycle? Sign up for Thnks today.