5 Tips for Feeling Close When You’re Far Away on Business

Go Jane Go
Go Jane Go is the online community for global women business travelers.Sometimes it can feel like living two separate lives: we establish travel habits, a tribe of traveling people we see regularly, and a few treasured experiences here and there that we begin to crave when we're on the road. From...
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Home is Where the Plane is

Walt Jones
Traveling for work gives you the chance to explore new things and one-of-a-kind opportunities. Sure, it isn't always easy being away from your family, friends, and your day-to-day routine... But, you get to see different cities or countries if you're lucky (I spent a year traveling to St. Thomas, US...
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Running Around: 5 Tips to Staying Fit and Exploring While Traveling

James Porter
Regular business travel can be a pretty good excuse not to exercise, and an even better excuse not to train for a marathon. But I've found that incorporating exercise - especially running - into my business travel has not only improved the quality of my time on the road, but allowed me to train for what will be 5 marathons in November and see more than the inside of a sad hotel fitness room.
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Guide to Bleisure in NOLA: Balancing Bourbon St.

Chelsea Knowles
Some places have the ability to change you--New Orleans does that for me in a way that's less desirable for business and more primed for party mode. Bedtime is no time and being easy on budget and alcohol in the Big Easy just isn't an option. Nawlins is a magical land where I immediately crave an oy...
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How This Freelancer Closed a Deal For $100 in Dubai

Mike LaRosa
Being a business traveler can take a toll on folks in a variety of ways. For some it's time spent away from loved ones; others bemoan the effects on health and overall wellness. If you're traveling for a company, however, it's rare that a toll be financial. For employees with either a company issued card or reliable 30-day reimbursement window of payment, chances are you're not losing sleep over cash flow, making payroll, or lowering business development costs.
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Mixing Business With BBQ in Austin, TX

Christina Cherry
You've probably heard a thing or two about Austin, Texas. People are flocking to the destination in droves for its natural watering holes, buzzy bar scene, and live music on every corner. While Austin maintains a bit of its southern charm -- think honky tonks, barbeque, and cowboy boots -- it's very much a mecca for start-ups and technology companies due to its lower cost of living and doing business.
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